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Used Cantilever Rack Styles & Applications

February 23, 2015


Cantilever rack with out decking

Cantilever is a popular style of racking for storing long, bulky, bundled or loose tubes, cylinders, and piping, including flat stock such as lumber, metal or plastic. Other applications for retail businesses include a style of cantilever for storing furniture, appliances, cartons, motorcycles, boats, jet skis and many other types of products.

Cantilever rack upright

An upright bolted or welded to a base works together with connecting braces to stabilize the racking structure. The base is lagged to the flooring. Two variations of cantilever are available for your application – single and double sided. The double-sided unit allows for storage on both sides, while the single sided unit has storage arms on one side, generally for use against a wall or at the end of the cantilever storage area.

Cantilever rack arm

Arms in varying length and gauge make up the storage levels. Arms can be straight or inclined. Straight arms are used primarily for storage of products that will not roll off while an inclined arm with a lip as shown will assist in protecting items from falling.

Cantilever rack brace

To complete the cantilever structure, connecting braces are used to set the distance between uprights and stabilize the rack structure laterally.

System Requirements

There are several system specifications that are necessary to ensure your system will perform satisfactorily including:

Arm type
Upright quantity per bay-height
Structural or roll formed brace
Connecting length
Decking type and size

The tables shown on will provide the available choices, however it is recommended that you call and speak with one of our racking technicians to discuss your application. American Surplus has been in the new and used cantilever rack business for over 30 years serving its customers now numbering over 30,000 nationwide. You will be satisfied.