Used Flow Racks

Used flow rack from ASI can transform selective pallet rack into gravity flow rack. There are four types; used pallet flow racking, carton flow rack, span-track rack, and skate-wheel flow rack. All of our used equipment is in good working condition, and is tested, and inspected prior to shipment. We have been working with customers to provide a solution for their carton flow rack system needs for over 25 years. Call today and speak with a used flow rack specialist from our sales staff. They will work with you to find the style of flow rack system that will suit your specific material handling needs. We are able to can ship nationally due to our competitive freight rates.

Used Carton Flow Rack
  • Kingway flow rack
  • Hytrol flow rack
  • Unarco flow rack
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Used Pallet Flow Rack
  • Gravity flow rack
  • 2-15 Pallets Deep
  • Single or Double wheel
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Used Span Track
  • Unex span track
  • Rino track
  • Beam track
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Used Skatewheel Flow Rack
  • Selec Deck case flow
  • Dura-flow by unarco
  • Spantrack wheel bed
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Used Mobile Gravity Flow Rack
  • Mobile gravity flow rack
  • Ideal for FIFO inventory
  • Flow rack carts
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Used Pallet Flow Rollers
  • Single & double rollers
  • Install on selective rack
  • Includes brake assembly
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American Surplus carries every leading Manufactor of carton flow rack available including: Kenneco Flow Rack, Interlake Flow Rack, Mexalux Flow Rack, Kingway Flow Rack, Quick Pick Flow Rack, Unex Flow Rack, Hytrol Flow Rack, Span Track and Engineered Product Case Flow Racks

What some people call flow rack others call it: Case Flow Rack, Pick Modular Flow Rack, Span Track Flow Rack, Carton Flow Rack, Picking Rack System, Warehouse Pick System, Zone Picking Flow Rack, Used Carton Flow Pick Modules, Used Pick Carton System or Span Track Pick Modules.

Used flow rack comes in four types, pallet flow, carton flow, skate-wheel, and span-track, each of which is better in certain applications than the others. All four styles utilize gravity to move products from the rear of the racking system to the front using wheels or rollers. This style of storing inventory is considered first in, first out (FIFO), because products or pallets are placed in the back of the racking, which slide to front, and are picked first.

Because stocking is separated from the picking operation, used flow rack is considered a dynamic style of racking system. This helps cut down on time lost due to traffic interference with forklifts, and allows for a simpler inventory upkeep. Static systems are when shelves or racking are picked and loaded from the same side, which can still be viable in small to moderate operations.

Pallet flow rack uses lanes of wheels called pallet flow rails to store pallets of product. The wheels of used pallet flow rack are spaced in a way that make them compatible with pallets.Used pallet flow rack systems can be set up to 15 pallets deep, and the flow rails have brakes that control the pallets speed as it moves to the front of the racking.

Used carton flow rack utilizes lanes of wheels to transport product to the front of the racking. Unlike pallet flow rack wheels, carton flow wheels are equally spaced apart. There is no control braking system in this style of used flow rack, but there is a small lip on the front of the racking.

Used skate-wheel flow rack uses equally spaced apart skate-wheels to transport products to the front of the racking. This style of used flow rack allows for different sized and shaped products to be stored in a single row of racking. Skate-wheels can come in either plastic or metal.

Lastly, used span-track flow rack uses rollers instead of wheels to transport products into the front of the racking.Unex span-track rollers are very durable and their pitch is adjustable to control speed. Like all types of used flow rack, span-tracks can be added to an existing racking systems.