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Benefits of Used Carton Flow Rack

August 14, 2013


Carton flow rack is a style of racking that uses a “gravity feed rear load” design. Inventory sits on skate wheels or rollers that are set on a pitch, allowing for products to glide to the front of the rack via gravity. Items are fed into the backside of the racking, so it is a first in, first out style of inventory. When an inventory item is removed from the front, all the other pallets slide forward into the front most position.

Most new or used pallet rack can be converted into carton flow racking by purchasing carton flow shelves with tracks of either roller or skate wheels. These shelves secure onto the existing uprights of the pallet rack, and no extra supports are required to support them. This is great way to increase storage efficiency while still utilizing your existing system.

The two main styles of carton flow rack are skate wheel and roller wheel. Skate wheels allow for products to be different sizes and weights. Skate wheels are typically plastic or steel, with capacities ranging from 25 to 50 lbs per square foot. Rollers can hold up to 50 lbs. a square foot (on average, depending on manufacturer).

Some of the benefits of carton flow racking include:

Saves on Labor over 50% labor savings depending on the system installed. This will save money due to reduced labor costs.

Keep Product Organized Products automatically move to the front of the racking, making it more accessible and easier to pick, and it also automatically rotates the product.

Inventory Upkeep Because of its open design, inventory can easily be counted without having to pick items off of the racking.

Even Distribution Carton flow puts evenly distributed contact onto the products being stored to allow for smooth flow through the racking system.

The main drawback to buying new carton flow rack is lead time and the drastic price increase when compared to buying used. Lead time from the factory can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks to a few months.

Unfortunately buying new carton flow rack appears to create a price barrier that deters potential buyers. American Surplus Inc. went into the business of used material handling equipment for that reason. We can sell used carton flow rack at a fraction of the cost of new, and it is in very good working condition. This eliminates the price barrier and long delay times from the factory for a lot of potential buyers, leaving both parties happy. We want to save you money, while also providing you a top-quality product that will allow you to save even more time and money in the long run.