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Flexible conveyor, also known as accordion conveyor, expands and contracts to fit any area inside your warehouse, making them perfect for dynamic locations in your facility where floor-space is a concern. Sitting on casters, flex conveyors are easily maneuverable.  They are great for temporary sortation operations or for loading a large amount of product onto a truck. The benefits of flexible conveyors go well beyond their mobility, though! They are also a more cost effective option than other types of gravity conveyors.

At American Surplus, we stock genuine used powered roller and used gravity skatewheel conveyor from several trusted manufacturers including BestFlex, NestaFlex, Roach, and more! Before each unit leaves our facility, we replace all banding and thoroughly test each unit for functionality. With prices up to 60% off the cost of new, you can trust American Surplus for unparalleled quality and service at an industry leading price! Call (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online today to see the difference American Surplus can make for you AND your wallet!

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Are you moving or liquidating your facility and looking to sell your used conveyor material? American Surplus Inc. can help! Learn more about our purchasing program online or call our sales office at (800)876-3736 to get started.

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Flexible conveyor, also known as accordion conveyor, expands and contracts to fit any area within a warehouse. A flexible conveyor can maneuver and transport products around many obstacles without additional power, making them perfect temporary conveyors in shipping and receiving areas. We stock used Bestflex conveyors and used Nestaflex flexible conveyors with a variety of options and styles.

Bestflex conveyor and Nestaflex conveyor are suited for truck loading and unloading. Used flexible conveyor is less expensive and easier to maneuver than telescopic conveyors. To easily move in and out of trucks, ASI also offers the PowerTrax conveyor handler.

Flexible conveyor is a powerless free flowing conveyor system for transporting products throughout the warehouse. They can be set up at a decline and at different angles and bends to have products flow automatically from an area of high elevation to low elevation. They can also be set up horizontally for products to be pushed, which is ideal for areas where products need to be manipulated manually. Flexible conveyor is used with power conveyor to make a complete conveyor system.

In addition to curved sections of gravity roller and gravity skatewheel conveyors, there is also flexible conveyor that comes in both roller and skatewheel. Flexible conveyor is also gravity powered, flexible around corners and other obstacles, and can expand and contract to custom lengths. This is ideal for setting up temporary conveyor lines near shipping and receiving areas to quickly and efficiently load and unload the trucks.

Used Bestflex conveyors are one of the most innovative styles of conveyor on the market, and they have both gravity and powered systems. All Bestflex conveyors are designed like an accordion: they are able to shrink and expand to fit where needed. This is ideal for shipping and receiving areas, and they do not need to be installed permanently. Because they do not require installation, they can shrink down and store when not in use.

Because they are so lightweight and portable, Bestflex conveyors can be transported with your shipments. This is ideal when dropping off a shipment at a location that does not have a designated loading or unloading area. Workers can quickly and efficiently unload the shipment, saving you time and money while providing top quality service for your client.

Why buy used? You might ask yourself this question, and the only straightforward answer is that it saves you money. You might ask, am I really getting the same quality? Will it really work just as well? The answer is always yes when buying from a trusted used dealer like ASI. All used conveyors are cleaned, inspected, and tested prior to packaging and shipment. Most used conveyor is backed by a 30 day ASI guarantee. If any parts are found defective, ASI will replace it with another pre-owned part at no cost to the purchaser.

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