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Types of Flexible Conveyor

February 21, 2022

Having an efficient warehouse is important. Warehouse managers are constantly trying to find solutions that will make operations more efficient to save time and money. The amount of expenses that are incurred due to unproductive warehouse operations is immense. For those looking to increase productivity in truck loading and unloading areas, distribution centers or portable assembly areas a flexible conveyor might be the best solution for you.

Gravity Roller Flexible Conveyor

Gravity roller flexible conveyors are the ideal solution for conveying packages, boxes, containers, and bags that are of irregular sizes. Due to the ability to easily be maneuvered, the gravity roller style of flexible conveyor can ensure your warehouse operations run smoothly in a quicker, safer, and easier way.

flexible conveyor
Flexible Conveyor



Gravity Skate Wheel Expandable Conveyor

Due to its rugged exterior, this type of flexible conveyor is flexible and capable of numerous roles. It can be used as flexible assembly lines for packaging and the loading and unloading of trucks and containers. This conveyor solution can be move around due to the heavy-duty castors and can compact down to a quarter of its size when not in use.

Powered Roller Flexible Conveyor

Power flex conveyors give the same function and adaptability as gravity, but with the benefit of power rollers. This helps shipping facilities move packages and inventory of any size at any distance. With a range of speeds your workers will be able to change the speed as needed. This will help to increase the productivity and create more efficient package handling in the facility. This conveyor solution is often used in parcel distribution centers, machine to machine linking, and all cross-docking applications.

There are numerous advantages to installing a flexible conveyor in your warehouse, the main benefit would be that it makes the loading and unloading processes much more effective. Flexible conveyors are an ideal way for those who are looking for a strong yet adaptable conveyor solution. The solution is easy to maintain and can offer a sizeable return on investment due to the considerable increase in functionality and performance leading to greater productivity within the company.

American Surplus Inc. is flexible conveyor experts as we have over 30 years of industry experience. Contact us today to learn more about flexible conveyor warehouse solutions and what one will best fit your needs.

flexible conveyor

Flexible Conveyor