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American Surplus offers used lockers in numerous sizes and styles to accommodate all personal storage requirements. These lockers are ideal for storing personal items giving employees a sense not having to worry about anyone else touching their belongings. Used warehouse lockers can also be a secure space for work equipment. This will not only keep equipment protected, but also keep workspace clutter free. ASI currently has a large quantity of lockers in stock; our inventory consists of warehouse lockers, box lockers, full door lockers, garment lockers, triple door lockers, and half door lockers. Used lockers are ideal for schools, businesses, warehouses, or any other individual storage need. All used lockers are in excellent condition and are meticulously inspected for any damage or wear prior to shipment to ensure the best quality.

Used Single Door Lockers
  • Full clothing hanging
  • Shelf for storage
  • Louvers for ventilation
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Used Box Lockers
  • Large number of employees
  • Great for storing belongings
  • Pad-lockable
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Used Half Door Lockers
  • Convenient shelf for storage
  • Twice the storage space
  • Shared side panel saves space
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Used Garment Lockers
  • Maximize storage space
  • Accommodates 16 users
  • Riveted construction
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Used Triple Door Lockers
  • Increase Security
  • Maximize Storage Space
  • Also Known as Triple Tier Lockers
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Warehouse lockers are small storage compartments that vary in size and shape and typically have the option of locking shut. Our used lockers are useful in schools and locker rooms or anywhere where secure storage is desired. There are many different styles, including box lockers, half door, full door, and triple tier. There are also specialty lockers like garment and two person lockers with hat shelves.

Box lockers provide the smallest amount of storage space, which allows for the maximum number of lockers in a limited space. These are great for small personal items like your wallet, cell phone, keys, jewelry, etc., as well as small tools, parts, or components. With the option to securely lock these units, employees can leave valuable belongings in them without any fear of theft.

Full door lockers are just the opposite of box lockers. They are a single full height vertical unit, making them ideal for storing coats or other garments. One full door locker uses the most storage space out of all the styles we commonly carry, and they are ideal for applications where the extra storage space is necessary.

Half door, or double tier lockers, use as much space as a full door locker, but are split into two units, which doubles the number of overall lockers. These are extremely popular as they provide a middle ground between full door and box lockers. They provide a moderate amount of storage, while also being more efficient on overall space than full door lockers. Half door lockers are one unit above the other, each unit being the same width as a full door locker. Two person lockers are two vertical units side by side, which are the same width as one full door locker. They also have two small shelves overhead for storage of small items.

For storage nearly as dense as box lockers, but with more storage space per unit, triple tier lockers should be considered. These are three stacked lockers, typically with the same width as a full door locker.

One thing that box lockers cannot do that nearly all other styles of lockers can, (depending on their height) is hang garments. Box lockers allow for a maximum number of units in a small space but are too small to hang your jacket. Garment lockers utilize box lockers, and also have a coat rod mounted under the lockers between the vertical sections. This allows for employees to hang full length garments, while still being able to secure their other personal items in their individual lockers.

Used Lockers Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I choose the right lockers?
A: Selecting the right lockers depends on your application and the amount of room that you have available.

Q: What are popular locker styles?
A: The most popular styles of lockers for customers are single door lockers, boxed lockers, half door lockers, garment lockers, and triple door lockers.

Q: What is the ideal use for lockers?
A: Lockers provide space for people to store personal items, purses, gym clothes, books, and other belongings in public environments.