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How Forklifts Can Improve Your Warehouse Operations

October 25, 2021

For your warehouse operations to run safely and effectively, you must have employees safe and efficiently working on the company’s needs. For those working in warehousing, material handling, distribution, industrial manufacturing, construction, and shipping it’s vital to have the ability to move heavy goods, supplies, and inventory from one location to another. One of the most important aspects of your warehouse is the equipment. Having an efficient forklift is imperative to creating a successfully running warehouse. Particularly if the warehouse is large and has high spaces, having equipment that can move materials without issue is extremely important. Below we have listed the ways in which a forklift can improve your warehouse operations and efficiency.

Forklifts Can Move and Lift Various Load Sizes >

Forklifts have the unique ability to move various load capacities, and in recent years their capabilities have doubled. Now-a-days, forklifts can move around 15 and 20 tons of inventory. No matter what the warehouse’s function, a forklift can help improve the output of the overall facility. Forklifts have always been an important feature of a warehouse operation, but now they have become imperative to the success of an operation. Especially operations where heavy materials need to be transported.

Choosing the Right Forklift

Different warehouse layouts cause difficulties for employees if the wrong forklift is chosen. This will lead to employees unable to access inventory, making it difficult to move materials where they need to be. This slows down the process of orders, which can hurt the company’s bottom line. When deciding which style of forklift to purchase, it is important to take the layout of the facility into consideration. Forklifts come in a variety of styles, so you need to find one that will best serve your warehouse operations and needs. This means choosing a style that can effectively maneuver throughout your warehouse is important. One of the benefits of choosing the appropriate forklift for your warehouse is that employees will be able to maneuver around the layout of the facility efficiently while handling heavy loads. This will help to increase output and make it easier to organize the warehouse.

Forklifts Increase the Safety of Those Around Them

The safety of warehouses has improved so much over the years. Forklifts have played a part in helping to improve the safety of warehouses over the years. Before industrial machines were used, companies relied on workers physical labor, cables, ropes, and pulley systems to move heavy loads. This was unsafe for workers and those who were present. Now that a variety of industries have access to forklifts, employees who are trained in how to operate them, have led to fewer accidents and injuries. Having a machine that is designed to move heavy and seemingly unmovable objects from one place to another is a gift one shouldn’t take lightly. And we now have the options to choose from a variety of different forklifts depending on what your company needs.


Buying a forklift for your warehouse is the smartest investment one can make. Along with the things mentioned above, it saves your workers precious time and energy. Forklifts allow your employees to move the products of your warehouse faster, and the more productive and efficient workers are the better your business does.

With over 30 years in the material handling business American Surplus has the knowledge that can help you find the forklift that will best fit your business’s needs. If you’re looking for the highest quality of used forklift equipment, then it's time to call the specialists at American Surplus today at (800) 876-3736!


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