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Rack Protection Equipment

Rack Protection is an important preventative measure for warehouses or storage facilities with any type of racking systems. Rack protection will help to reduce damage to racks, essentially minimizing the downtime it takes to repair damaged racking equipment. These protectors are quick and easy to install. By protecting racking systems from warehouse vehicle collisions with forklifts you’ll be able to prevent any damage that may harm the rack’s structural integrity. Any damage to a racking system could potentially put the rack at risk of falling and endanger the safety of warehouse employees. Not only will rack protection equipment protect your racking systems to give it a longer life, but also it can protect the safety of your employees. All of this will help increase productivity and efficiency in your businesses warehouse operations while providing a safe working environment.

New Industrial Guard Rail
New Industrial Guard Rail
  • Powder Coated Safety Yellow
  • High-Impact Post Caps
  • Snap-In Button Plugs Included
  • Ships From Manufacturer

Available Combo Deals

Pallet rack protectors can be a surefire way to help save you time and money within your warehouse operations. You never know when a forklift accident will occur, so it's best to be prepared ahead of time with rack protectors.

By investing in racking protection, you’ll be taking the necessary preventative measures that will keep warehouse vehicles from hitting racking uprights and legs. The slightest amount of damage through impact will render a racking system unsafe by damaging the systems framework. The compromising the structural integrity of the framework will result in increased expenses and loss of productivity. Although rack protection is just a preventative measure that protects legs and uprights from being hit by machinery, it can also act as a reminder to operators to be careful and aware in certain places within the warehouse.

Without sufficient rack protection you run the risk of damaging racking and putting warehouse workers at risk. Rack protection will block rack systems from being damaged by forklifts and other warehouse vehicles. Racking protection can easily be installed. So, keep warehouse workers and your racking systems safe by investing in rack protection.

Many different states have regulatory requirements for racking protection to ensure the safety of your employees. Whether you're using column protectors, end of aisle guards, or even pallet rack netting, your business stays protected and compliant. Any racking that is exposed to machinery is required, in most states, to have protection around it.

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