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Advantages of Utilizing Stack Racks in Your Warehouse

May 25, 2018

Stack Racks are a flexible warehouse storage solution that allow you to optimize the density of your storage space while allowing for a configurable layout. Unlike semi-permanent solutions such as pallet racking, a stack rack can be quickly moved around your warehouse with a forklift. Stack racks can even be moved without unloading the product first, making reorganizing a breeze. For example, seasonal merchandise stored on stack racks can be quickly rotated in and out of storage based on seasonal demand. As their name implies, stack racks also have the benefit of being stack-able! In a situation where you are dealing with product which cannot be double stacked on its own, you can place each unit on a stack rack, and then place the racks on top of one another, saving significant amounts of floor space while being able to move multiple units of product at the same time. When not in use, stack racks can be easily disassembled and stored in such a way that you can have many pallet positions on hand to scale up to demand without sacrificing valuable floor space for semi-permanent pallet racking.

Stack Racks are not just great for storage, they make production and shipping easier as well! Stack racks can be moved directly from a storage area to a workstation, reducing handling time caused by trips back and forth to gather product. When it is time to send the product out, it can be shipped directly on a stack rack, not only making truck-loading more efficient, but also providing a protective shell for the product while it is in transit. All of this can be accomplished without the additional expense of pallets, as the stack rack itself serves the pallet’s purpose.

At the end of the day, stack racks offer an excellent value proposition. They allow for a flexible floor plan compared to pallet racking while also making moving product around your facility hassle-free. Do not delay; get in touch with our experienced sales team today to see what Stack Racks and American Surplus can do to revolutionize your warehouse!