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Difference Between a Hydraulic and Mechanical Vertical Lift

August 7, 2015

Before we get into what the differences are between these two styles of vertical lifts that American Surplus sells, you should have a basic understanding of what a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) is. According to they state VRC’s are cost effective safe and easy ways to move materials from one elevation to another. They are ideally suited for the safe and efficient movement of materials to a mezzanine, rack storage systems with catwalks, or any new or existing upper floor levels. Many of the leading manufacturer of VRC make them in two styles: hydraulic and mechanical. These lifts offer a wide range of benefits.

Safe, efficient
Install in a new or old building
Less costly than elevators
Safer than using a forklift to move products
Meet OSHA regulations
Equipped with safety features to protect workers

Hydraulic Vertical Lifts

No wear and tear on pulley system.
Smaller space requirement than a mechanical
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Quieter Operating sound
Safer to make repairs on.

Mechanical Vertical Lifts

Can go multiple levels unlike hydraulic, which can only go one.
Faster FPM
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Higher capacity than a hydraulic
Larger Carriage Size

American Surplus is the nation’s largest material handling dealer. We carry both styles of VRC’s, and our trained sales staff can help you with all your questions about VRC’s. To view our current inventory of VRC’s click here. Or call today to speak to one of our sales team members at 800-989-7176.