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Is A Pallet Flow Rack System Right For You?

March 21, 2022

If you look at high-density warehousing operations optimized for maximum productivity, you'll discover that many utilize a pallet flow rack system. These are often used to store large quantities of pallets of the same items or SKUs. Facilities that deal with a high volume of order selection will be able to increase picks, minimize travel time, and ensure accuracy by counting on floor-mounted pallet flow rack for inventory staging. Every warehouse operation is continuously trying to find ways to enhance their efficiency to maximize operations and their bottom line. Therefore, a pallet racking system is critical because it helps you streamline, save time and money, and ultimately increase your businesses ROI.

Whether you've tried a flow rack system before or considering it for some time now, it's essential to understand the benefits of a pallet flow rack system to know if it's right for your warehouse. That's exactly what the warehousing operations equipment pros at American Surplus want to dive into today.

Here are the top benefits of a pallet flow rack system to decide if investing in one is right for you

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So, what are the benefits?

Reduced Product & Rack Damage

With a pallet flow rack system, you do not have to navigate your warehouse with heavy forklift traffic, which means there's a significantly less chance of collision or damage to your products and the rack system.

Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Thanks to gravity, you don't have to worry about using electricity to power your racking system and move your pallets down the line. Gravity helps to keep pick faces full, so order picking speed improves.

More Warehouse Space

Pallet flow pallet racking systems help warehouses and distribution facilities maximize space to it’s fullest potential. By optimizing the space you’ll be able to double the capacity within the same square footage of the facility. This is because the system is designed to be high-density storage systems that fit within your space and can be configured in any way you like.

Increase Your Efficiency

The simplicity in their design transforms the level of productivity in your warehouse. They're designed to keep your pallets always moving efficiently with first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory control creating an automatic inventory rotation. You can unload a pallet in one end and simultaneously load another in the opposite end. Everything else is moved along by gravity.

Less Labor Needed

There's no need to use labor and manpower to rearrange your pallet loads. Plus, with only two aisles needed, one for loading and one for unloading, your warehouse's traffic flow is much more organized.

If you're looking for a way to transform your productivity, reduce labor costs, and streamline your warehouse operations, a pallet racking system is the best way to do it all. American Surplus Inc. has a wide selection of used pallet rack systems, including flow rack systems. Call one of our sales team members at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online today!

American Surplus Inc. has a wide selection of flow rack including  carton flow rack, pallet flow rack, span track, skatewheel flow rack, mobile gravity flow rack, and pallet flow rails. Call one of our knowledgeable sales associates today at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online.


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