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Used Mobile Gravity Flow Rack

mobile gravity flow rack

Mobile gravity flow rack is a storage rack system that consists of lanes of gravity flow rack. This cost-efficient flow rack provides high density storage for warehouses, picking facilities, and shipping centers. These units move on casters making this system of flow rack ideal for distribution centers that utilize the FIFO (first in, first out) method of inventory control. This type of rack lets you position the flow rack picking stations where you need them most. Mobile gravity flow rack is also a helpful addition to any stocking or assembly line application as well, since it can be moved easily from place to place. Gravity flow rack helps to improve workflow and organization of inventory. A well-organized warehouse allows workers to effectively manage their time efficiently.

Used Mobile Gravity Carton Flow Rack
Used Mobile Gravity Carton Flow Rack
  • Custom built with casters
  • Highly efficient systems
  • Nationwide Shipping

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A main advantage of mobile gravity flow rack is that it saves floor space. Mobile gravity flow racks are designed to be tilted to different angles as needed in-order to allow access to the various types of inventory and materials. This helps to increase efficiency and productivity by eliminating travel and searching time for pickers. Mobile gravity flow rack helps to significantly decreases loading and unloading congestion. They can be used in a variety of industries and are certainly worth the investment.

Shelves drop into place with a clip making assembly quick and easy. Shelves tilt forward to provide product identification and are divided into lanes for inventory control. Used mobile gravity flow rack are designed according to customer specifications. Mobile gravity carton flow rack systems are custom built at our in-house fabrication shop and can be completely customized to your specific requirements. They are available with either skatewheels or span track depending on the weight of the products you will be storing. Design and installation is available nationwide.

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