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Pallet Rack Installation

January 25, 2018

Check out our most recent pallet rack installation. This was a new teardrop pallet rack installation because the size was so large it was more beneficial to the customer to go with the new option. The crew is working hard to complete the job and is almost at the finish line. American Surplus is proud of its ability to provide installation services to its customers nationwide. Our team is trained to assemble the pallet rack frames, pallet rack beams, wire decks and other pallet rack accessories.


Teardrop pallet rack is perfect for most warehouses as it is easy to assemble and has a wide variety of capacities to accommodate most requirements. Selective pallet rack provides accessibility to all products at all times. This is important if your inventory has quick turnover. A selective pallet rack system is typically seen in a “big-box” distribution warehouse, as well as in some retail store inventory rooms, cold storage warehouses, wholesale stores, etc.

To design your pallet racking system, several things should be considered:

Storage density
Floor square footage and the height of your building
Placement of building doors and columns and other obstructions
Inventory accessibility needs
Inventory rotation process
Pallet size and weight
Optimal storage design and process
Cost of associated materials and installation