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Order Pickers vs Forklifts

September 23, 2022

Order picker season is on its way. Therefore, a warehouse or distribution center needs to start thinking about how efficiently they can move heavy loads for shipping. Its important that the facility also has the right picking machinery on hand. Due to every warehouse having different requirements, it may be difficult to determine which type of machinery your company needs. Although both order pickers and forklifts have similar design models, they each have a unique set of functions that help to keep your warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. Order Pickers tend to aid in the moving of pallets more so than your standard forklift. It’s important for the safety of your workers that you keep loaded pallets that can be moved carefully and keep your warehouse in order. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of an Order Picker and how it improves safety and efficiency within a warehouse.

What is an order picker?

An Order Picker is similar to that of a forklift but with a much different purpose. Order pickers are helpful to warehouses for inventory, identifying items, and moving them. Whereas forklifts can lift many items all at once, an order picker is perfect for moving single items or orders, hence the name. Order pickers allow workers to access specific inventory and have a platform for the operator.

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The Benefits of Using An Order Picker

An order picker, which is sometimes referred to as an Order Picker Forklift, is a great machine for a warehouse or distribution center that’s trying to find inventory in a time-effective manner. They allow you to skip the tedious and time-consuming process of loading and unloading heavy pallets as you would have to with a forklift. Saving time is an important factor in increasing productivity in a warehouse. When a facility can fulfil more orders daily overtime, they’ll see an increase in profits. If your company is looking to branch out in terms of products and inventory in your storage facility, an order picker is a great machine you have.

How Order Pickers Improve Efficiency In Warehouses

Order pickers are an incredible machine to help with efficiency and therefore profit increase. The faster your warehouse operates the more inventory you can move and thusly ship out to customers and buyers. Order pickers have direct access to inventory and storage for labeling, recognizing, and finding supplies proficiently. Due to the changing times, more buyers and customers are expecting goods to be shipped almost immediately on the day that it’s ordered. For goods to be delivered quickly it is important to invest in the proper machinery that will allow your warehouse to fulfill orders in an efficient and swift way. Order pickers also take up far less space than forklifts, which can help efficiency within a company because it’s easier for workers to get around. Unlike other machinery, order pickers require less space to move and can navigate down the narrowest of aisles in your facility. As a result of using order pickers warehouse and distribution center managers will see better organization, fill more orders, and ultimately see an increase in profit.

How Order Pickers Improve Safety In Warehouses

Although a Warehouse Order Picker certainly improves safety within a warehouse, the primary aspect of any well-run warehouse is training. All employees operating machinery must have adequate training so that they know how to move about the space and access inventory safely. An order picker can have automated guidance movements so that your worker can focus on the inventory they are trying to locate. This increases the safety of your warehouse because you don’t have employees who are splitting their focus. Order pickers also often take the place of ladders in a warehouse which helps to keeping workers safe.

In conclusion, order pickers are great for warehouses and distribution centers with limited space, narrow aisles, and looking to expand their business. Order pickers will allow your warehouse workers to carry inventory long distances throughout the facility efficiently. This machinery will allow warehouses to skip the monotonous work of loading and unloading pallets to find something that a forklift would be required.

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