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Why You Should Own An Order Picker

August 29, 2022

Every facility has its own distinctive needs, to effectively be able to deliver orders to customers in a timely manner. Facilities that deal with high proportion of SKUs and need to pick across a range of racking, an order picker may be the ideal solution for you. These are constructed to help a wide range of difficult applications in manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and distribution facilities with high-bay storage environments.

Order pickers are machines that allow operators to collect different items in a warehouse and transport them to a pallet, trolley, or roll cage before being dispersed to stores. Order pickers are utilized across many industries for any task that requires breaking items down into individual components. These individual components are later usually distributed to customers.

With warehouses facing so many space challenges it’s important to make sure your facility is equipped with a solution that offers maneuverability without taking up space. An order picker requires less space and as mentioned earlier can easily move around narrow spaces. For this reason, warehouse supervisors can carry out better organization, receive more inventory, and fulfill more orders with the same amount of space.

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For businesses to maintain a competitive edge over competition it’s important to efficiently manage and organize inventory. These days customers are ordering a greater variety of items. This means if picking operations aren’t effective than your business is being drained of money from a lack of inefficiencies.

Saving time is an important factor in increasing productivity in a warehouse. When a facility can increase output by fulfilling more orders daily overtime, they’ll see an increase in profits. If your company is looking to branch out in terms of products and inventory in your storage facility, an order picker is ideal solution.

All these benefits of an order picker add to the speed with which picking operators can find and fill orders. When they do not have to bend and climb to reach inventory, pickers can focus on picking instead of driving around the warehouse for items ordered. Overall, these orders will be filled accurately at a higher speed for an increased output.

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