Expanding Your Business' Potential With an Inplant Office

September 10, 2018

Inplant Offices provide a modular solution to a rigid problem: Where can I find space for my administrative staff and sales team? Real Estate near your warehouse or distribution center may be too costly in exchange for not enough space. Instead, try an inplant office! With 8' x 8' spaces starting at just $2,414 new, you can build the space of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Why bother traveling back and forth from the office to the warehouse? By choosing an inplant office, your sales team and administrative staff have direct access to your facility, making confirming inventory and managing day-to-day operations a breeze.

Choosing an inplant office doesn't mean sacrificing style -- Far from it! Modular construction allows for a custom floor plan with plenty of space for all the furnishings you'd expect at a fraction of the cost of renting.

When it comes time to expand your sales team, don't give moving a second thought! Expanding is as easy as adding on to your existing inplant office!

Adding a mezzanine above your inplant office will allow you to keep your product storage space right alongside your office -- truly a no-compromise solution.

If you're building on a budget, be sure to check our rotating stock of used inplant offices as well! With all the benefits of a new office at up to 60% off the cost, they're the deal that realtors don't want you to know about!