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Ways to Optimize Order Fulfillment During Peak Season

December 5, 2022

Over the recent years since 2020, many warehouses went into overdrive in the U.S. from the influx of online orders of customers. Many warehouses were not ready for this influx of online orders. Because of this the warehouses struggled to meet the overbearing demands of customers. Due to this situation many warehouses were able to see the numerous flaws within its layout and shipping/receiving operations. 

Look at Historical Data:

Efficient planning for any business begins by looking at past data. Data about past sales, such as which inventory stock was top sellers, median purchase volume, and other significant variables will help advise the correct order completion strategy. By using this data warehouses will be able to avoid future problems that may occur during peak picking times.

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Storage Efficiency:

Warehouse space is a common concern for warehouses handling thousands of SKUs and products. Some warehouses might fall into a dynamic storage system (also known as chaotic storage) as an alternate warehousing method that increases storage capacity by storing goods wherever there is available space.

To maximize your warehouse space, there are a few options to consider. You can use the vertical space a facility has to open more storage space with pallet racks and industrial shelving. Another way to help efficiently maximize storage space is to create narrow aisles in-order to create more shelving space. These narrow aisles can easily be navigated by introducing reach trucks and turret trucks to your picking system. These types of vehicles are designed to help employees manage to carry out their jobs productively and safely with less space to maneuver.

Streamline Processes:

Warehouses should be sure to take time to assess current order fulfilment processes and operations. It’s crucial that facilities order picking strategy is customized to fit the needs of one’s business. Fine-tuning order picking, receiving, and shipping will help turnaround time operate seamlessly. This will help avoid picking disorganization and unnecessary expenses that will eat away at your bottom-line.

Improve Your Organization:

If your warehouse isn’t organized, it can lead to problems such as increased walk and search time or inventory inaccuracies. Employees walking from product to product, physically retrieving orders can account for about 60% of a warehouse worker’s picking time. Therefore, it’s important to keep inventory organized, equipment operational, and workstations clean.

With over 30 years of experience, American Surplus has been helping our customers with the layout of their warehouses to make sure they have exactly what they need. If you are currently looking to improve your order fulfillment operations, contact our team members today at (800) 876-3736!