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What Type of Warehouse Fan is Right for Me?

June 30, 2020

Temperature control is extremely important to maintain a comfortable and healthy working environment in your warehouse. Industrial facilities usually experience hot and humid internal temperature that call for effective cooling and dehumidification throughout the day. Now, of course, you have air conditioners today to take care of temperature control. But, HVAC units are usually expensive and not all warehouse owners can afford them. However, you can count on high performance industrial fans that will effectively address your temperature control needs without costing you an arm or a leg.

Are you looking forward to investing in industrial fans for your own facility? Well, at American Surplus you have a wide range of options to choose from based on your needs, space situation and budget. The post below shares a brief summary on industrial warehouse fans.

What type of warehouse fan is right for me?

Drum Fans

Also known as barrel fans, the drum fan provides excellent temperature control especially for huge warehouse areas. They usually come in belt-driven or direct models and use less power. Not only that, drum fans also cut down on noise pollution.

Regarding size, these fans are available in a wide range of sizes. A standard drum fan features a model with around 24” diameter. But you will find larger models that can be as big as fans with 42” diameter.

Some models carry a handy stand so that you can place them firmly on ground. Otherwise, you will also get barrel fans, mostly larger ones, with wheels for easy maneuvering across your warehouse facility. Some barrel fans allow tilting for direct flow of air to preferred spots.

You will find barrel fans in various speed options, ranging from 2-3 speed variations.

Pros of Choosing a Drum Fan:

  • Great for cooling and drying large areas in short amounts of time
  • Energy-efficient, consuming less power than other cooling options
  • Reduced noise pollution compared to other high-powered fans
  • Larger models often feature casters for easy movement
Drum Fan
Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fans

As the name implies, pedestal fans feature a stand or pedestal that helps to keep them firmly in place. They are an excellent way to keep your warehouse or workspace cool without shelling out a small fortune on AC units. One of the best aspects of pedestal fans is that they are lightweight and not permanently mounted, making them convenient to carry across your facility. Most models allow height adjustments so that you can fix your fan at the most compatible height for the best air flow.

A standard pedestal fan features 3 blades and allows easy speed customization, with speed levels ranging from 4050, 6060 to 7525 CFM. However, you will also find bigger models with higher CFM rating, piquing up till 8775 CFM. It is to note here, pedestal fans are designed to cool off smaller spaces. You can use it for a specific corner of your warehouse that carries maximum humidity and needs focused cooling. If you want pedestal fans for a larger facility, you will have to invest in multiple models.

Pros of Choosing a Pedestal Fan:

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Great for focused cooling in smaller spaces
  • Allows height adjustment
  • Economical temperature control solution
  • Many pedestal fans oscillate for a wide arc of air flow

Wall Mounted Fans

If you have a small space in your warehouse and need a compatible cooling solution, wall-mounted fans would be your trump card. True to its name, this type of fan is installed on walls to save valuable floor space. Installation is a breeze and these fans can be rotated 360 degrees to ensure smooth air flow all around. In fact, wall-mounted fans are an excellent way to cool off big warehouse spaces.

The safety quotient is another major factor why you may consider wall mounted fans for your factory. As they are perched high on the wall, you won't encounter messy electrical cords all across the floor. This eliminates risks of tripping or other related accidents in your facility.

Pros of Choosing a Wall Mounted Fan:

  • Highly powerful fans create comfortable airy ambience inside warehouse by circulating airflow all around
  • Stays perched on wall and saves floor space
  • Great for cooling large wide open facilities
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees to circulate air in all directions
  • Assures easy ventilation across your warehouse
  • No messy cables on the floor
  • Lesser risks of accidents from tripping on electrical cords
  • Handy solution if you need a cooling system for oddly shaped sections in your warehouse
Wall Mounted Fan
Air Cannon

Air Cannons

Talk about High Velocity industrial fans, we have air cannons for you. The beauty of these cannons lies in their prompt air movement technology that enables them to cool down and dry up hot humid areas fast. Air cannons are great for powerful temperature control in big spaces. Boasting motors with high horsepower, these mighty fans push air across large distances and effectively cool down huge areas. Another great feature is that, despite their massive cooling capacity, air cannons consume less space compared to pedestal fans and barrel fans. So, if you are looking for shop fans that are not only powerful but also space-saving, bank on air cannons.

Air cannons come in various sizes, with fan diameters ranging from 14” to 18” to even bigger 30”. A basic air cannon can throw air up to 60 ft. while superior models can throw air to as far as 100 ft.

You will find air cannons as stationary units. Some of the them carry a frame while you will also get wall or ceiling-mounted models.

Pros of Choosing an Air Cannon:

  • Extremely powerful fans equipped with fast air movement technology
  • Cools down and dries up hot humid areas fast
  • Great cooling solution for massive spaces
  • Takes up less floor spaces than most other industrial fans
  • Available mounting kits provide wall or ceiling mounted solution

Air Curtains

Temperature control is a challenge in facilities that keep overhead doors open for extended periods of time. This is where air curtains come to the rescue. Put simply, these temperature control solutions effectively separate external and internal ambience with an unseen air barrier at exterior entrance. It prevents external air from coming inside and simultaneously helps to keep check on energy expenditure by keeping cooled or heated air inside.

You will find most air curtains have a downward faced blower fan fixed over the opening. The fan blows air down as well as outward across lower surfaces to create the air barrier. Air curtains are best suited for facilities where internal spaces are conditioned to maintain different temperatures from outside. Another great benefit is that air curtains also prevent entry of outside dirt, dust, and pesky insects into the internal space of your warehouse.

Pros of Choosing an Air Curtain:

  • Effectively separates external and internal environments in your warehouse with an unseen air barrier
  • Helps with temperature control especially in places that keep entry doors open for extended periods of time
  • Helps to maintain comfortable and safe indoor air quality
  • Takes up no floor space and minimal space on your wall
  • Helps with energy savings by maintaining stable temperatures inside your facility
  • Keeps unwanted critters and debris from outdoors like dirt, dust, or bugs at bay
  • Can be used in all kinds of weather conditions throughout the year
Air Curtain

At American Surplus, we promise premium quality and thoroughly inspected used industrial fans and air curtains that will stand the test of time at a fraction of the cost of new!


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