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Advantages of Catwalks in Industrial Settings

July 11, 2022

In warehouse and manufacturing spaces, workers and forklifts abound. Things are moving, workers are busy, and machinery is active. Facilities may be at risk of overcrowding due to an increase in inventory, production, or a growing business. When the load becomes too heavy, the work environment’s safety is threatened.

Organization of space is key to avoiding overcrowding and chaotic system processes. Typically, facilities are underutilizing space above the warehouse floor that can relieve traffic flow and help build easier access. American Surplus helps ease this organization with a custom-built line of warehouse catwalks. Warehouse catwalks, also referred to as mezzanine catwalks, utilize a bolted steel design to allow movement of employees and equipment from point A to point B.

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warehouse catwalk



What is an industrial catwalk?

A catwalk is not your average runway, although it is one of the most brilliant designs we’ve seen in a while. Steel catwalks are ideal for material handling and a variety of other industrial applications. It facilitates the movement of workers and equipment. Instead of ensuring the next trendy line of fashion, it ensures that every worker is safe and gets to their destination easier. Industrial catwalks help workers access hard-to-reach areas at an elevation. Valves, switches, and equipment that are typically difficult to reach are better accessed with catwalks.

Catwalks are known to be aisles or walkways that make difficult areas easier to reach like steel shelves and rivet racks. In manufacturing operations, catwalks can be extended to operate outside the manufacturing area. This works well with manufacturing operations as numerous pathways are necessary to access various objects and machinery.

How Can a Warehouse Catwalk Help?

Depending on the facility’s needs, a catwalk increases the efficiency of transporting equipment and materials. Some companies prefer to have their catwalk access to different points along the edges of the facility. This allows for a clear path between all sides without increasing traffic in the middle of the facility. Steel catwalks will significantly reduce working risks creating a much safer work environment.

Catwalks are manufactured to support employees in accessing controls, storage, and equipment. When these things aren’t needed as much, they can be stored above the ground floor and accessed via catwalks. This is also a great place to provide maintenance to equipment without disrupting ground floor operations or getting in the way. This keeps the plant running smoothly and allows employees to repair machines or materials with convenience and ease.

How do catwalks create a safe work environment?

Mezzanine catwalks have incredible functional and structural value. Overhead catwalks can allow managers, employees, and workers to have a bird’s eye view of the space, increasing the observation capabilities. Also, overhead catwalks increase floor space and allow convenient access to materials and equipment. This all helps the plant run better and faster, which means an efficient output of materials.

The Takeaway

You could use a catwalk to prevent jammed conveyor lines as well as attach lights under a catwalk to provide more lighting to pull out records. It can also function as access to more storage space.

An industrial catwalk in a facility greatly increases worker efficiency and accessibility. Consult with American Surplus to find out how you can organize your facility or operations so you can focus on the important tasks and have greater access to machinery, materials, and controls. Use them as work platforms, storage, and office spaces, and you’ve got yourself something better than your average model’s catwalk. For over 30 years, American Surplus Inc. has been working with customers to meet all their warehousing needs around the country. Call one of our knowledgable sales associates today!


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