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Employee Safety with Scissor Lift Tables

September 18, 2015

Scissor lift tables provide an ergonomic solution to lifting, positioning, and transporting heavy loads. Scissor lifts can be used to safely move and lift loads to better ergonomic positions. Lift tables allow the operator to raise loads using shop air or a two-speed manual foot pump when shop air is not available. Simply hook up the air supply and operate the hand control to raise and lower the platform or use the foot pump to lift and lower the load. Promote worker safety and increase productivity with these high-quality material handling products that also double as rugged portable workstations. Our mobile scissor lifts move easily. Portable Scissor Lift Tables are perfect for factories, warehouse, or any industrial arena where height is needed. Reduce worker strain and boost production. With many safety features and benefits, these portable lift tables are a must have in your ergonomics arsenal. Capacities for the portable lift table ranges from 400 to 600-pound lift weights. These types of units can be the most essential and often-used type of material handling equipment in the industrialized world. The units are available as standard or special design. All loads are to be moved from one location to another when the table is in the down position only. After the destination is reached then raise the table to its required height. These lifter/transporters make just about any job easier. They are essential wherever lifting, positioning, assembling, stacking, unstacking, transporting, or the need for an adjustable-height work surface is part of the job.

Foot Operated Lift Pumps

Foot operated hydraulic lift pump raises the platform to any height within the lift range to reduce risk of injury from lifting and bending. Scissor Lift Tables feature a low-effort foot action pump for smooth and reliable lifting. Lift tables offer a smooth rate of lowering using a fingertip release, regardless of weight of the load. Unique hydraulic auto-descending speed control is designed to lower slowly with increased weight for safety. All units are designed to be operated by either by a manual hydraulic foot pump, push button control electric hydraulic, or air hydraulic. The perfect answer for order picking, die handling, assembly operations, or use as an efficient delivery cart. Versatility and excellent payload capacity make hydraulic scissor lifts a popular choice in pallet build-up and tear-down, assembly and disassembly, and conveyor system worker ergonomics.

Electronic Lift Tables

Full featured electric hydraulic scissor lift tables are used by all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Safety features include electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table, internal brass velocity fuse to maintain platform height in event of hose or fitting failure. Scissor lift tables are available in several models including low profile for use with skids, containers or plastic pallets, and self-leveling units which raise and lower automatically when loads change. These practical and economical portable lift tables provide a convenient and cost saving solution to numerous material handling situations. Lift palletized materials to ergonomic working heights through lift tables, scissor lifts, pneumatic lifts, electro-hydraulic lifts and low-profile lift tables. Increase throughput with more efficient processing, movement, palletizing, and depalletizing. Lift tables, scissor lifts, and other lifts enhance productivity while reducing stress, stretching, straining, and heavy lifting that can cause injuries and product damage.