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How Stretch Wrappers Will Improve Your Packaging & Distribution

August 22, 2022

For many distribution centers it’s important to make sure that products being shipped get there in a timely and safe way. When product loads are inefficiently wrapped you open your business to a variety of inadequacies. Businesses with ineffective package wrapping will experience higher costs and lower productivity. Stretch wrappers can be a great solution for distribution and packaging facilities that are not operating to the business’s full potential.

In this blog we’ll talk about some of the advantages that stretch wrapping machines can improve your company’s productivity. Here’s a few advantages of investing a stretch wrapper to improve your packaging and distribution operations.

Stretch Wrapper
Stretch Wrapper
Stretch Wrapper
Stretch Wrapper

Improve Load Stability

By having properly stretched film wrapped pallets and other loads will have an improved load stability. This will eliminate having poorly stretched regions that cause weak spots and leave packages wide open to damage (especially during transit). By removing these vulnerable points, your package load will be stable and secure, lessening the potential for damage.

Reduce Product Damage

Product loads can be damaged in a few ways such as during the transportation process because of impact damage or environmental factors like dirt, dust, and moisture. By correctly wrapping product loads you’ll be able to lessen the number of times products are damages. With fewer amounts of product damage translate into less time and money spent trying to improve customer satisfaction. This will help significantly reduce the expenses associated with product loss.

Increase Output

Stretch wrapper machines can work much quicker and more effective than human workers. This type of equipment can boost your business’s output abilities, which means you can handle significantly more units per hour and per day. Due to the higher order fulfillment the business will be able to increase its overall bottom line.

Save Money

Lastly and most importantly your business will save money. Stretch wrapper machines will help to reduce packages expenses in a few ways. First, you’ll save on the amount of film being used to package your product loads by maximizing the stretch film potential. Second, you’ll be able to see a significant reduction in the number of workers needed to wrap loads. This will help to dramatically reduce the labor costs of the businesses packaging. Finally, as mentioned before by properly wrapping shipments a business will experience up to 40% less in product damage. This cuts any expenses your business might experience due to the loss of product.

American Surplus Inc. has been supplying our customers with high-quality new and used packaging equipment for over 30 years. If your facility deals with packaging inefficiencies, a stretch wrapper might be the perfect solution to increase output and improve productivity. Stop wasting money on being inefficient, buy a stretch wrapper from American Surplus today!


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