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Is Your Receiving & Shipping Department Ready for The Peak of Order Picking Season?

November 28, 2022

Peak shipping season refers to the time within Q4 part of the year, or October through December) when order and shipment level see its biggest volume of orders. Warehouses can sometimes get overwhelmed due to the hectic holiday shopping season near popular shopping days involving Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and overall gift-giving leading up to Christmas.

Warehouse shipping and receiving departments are crucial in sustaining the integrity of inventory systems and guaranteeing the availability of goods for customers. Without an efficient shipping and receiving system, items tend to fall through the cracks, are not tallied, do not receive sufficient examination, and fail to give evidence of complications with suppliers that affect a business’s success.

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Receiving operations require the transfer of ownership of items, which involves fiscal accountability. Guaranteeing that the documentation is correct, precise, and efficient allows the material to be made available to the customer as soon as possible. An exact reporting of what is received has an immediate effect on the accounting and payout for goods.

One of the greatest challenges in the warehouse shipping and receiving process is human error. When materials come, employees hurry to put them away, and as any operations manager understands, products don’t always end up in the correct locations. Warehouse automation can solve this problem by giving dependable, reliable outcomes.

As a business owner, you acknowledge the significance of customer service and merchandise quality, but what about the order fulfillment process? Your shipping procedure needs to be a main concern, as it’s an essential component that can impact your bottom line. Order fulfillment is the final phase in the process of a customer choosing to make a repeat purchase from your company in the future.

Improving shipping equipment to reduce overhead expenses can substantially improve accuracy and productivity. Small updates to shipping and receiving equipment can lead to considerable enhancements. No one change can significantly improve the warehouse shipping and receiving process, but multiple small modifications can help to better efficiency across time. The overall advantage of making these modifications is that your business will be operating a more effective shipping and receiving process.

American Surplus has been helping customers improve their receiving and shipping departments for over 30-years. If your business is looking to optimize this department before the peak of order picking season let one of our experienced team members help you today. Don’t procrastinate and call us today!