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Why You Need Cantilever Racking

Authored by Derek Rotondi
February 13, 2023

When it comes to organizing your warehouse and storing piping, lumber, and other awkward materials makes a solid cantilever rack system perfect. Which is why cantilever racks are often found in plumbing supply warehouses, furniture distribution centers, and cold storage facilities.

Cantilever racking is one of the best ways to help keep your entire warehouse organized while safely storing long irregular shaped materials and products that don’t fit on pallets. Today, we wanted to discuss some of the advantages of cantilever rack systems in your warehouse for both building and metal materials.

What is Cantilever Racking?

This type of racking uses uprights secured into strong bases with braces or arms to store longer load items. These are particularly useful for furniture makers, construction companies, or industrial companies that need to hold sizable irregular materials.

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What are the advantages of cantilever racks in your warehouse?

Easy to Install and Configure

This type of racking system is one of the easiest to design and install in your warehouse. Storing large pieces of irregular materials in stacks on the floor inside your warehouse takes up an excessive amount of floor space. With cantilever racking, your storage system doesn’t have shelves. Instead, steel arms hold the materials in stacks so that they’re not on your warehouse floor.

Configuring your setup is quick and easy. If you find that your productivity is being slowed by the current configuration, you can adjust without buying all new shelves.


Increases Vertical Storage

A cantilever rack storage system allows facilities to use unoccupied vertical space in your warehouse, offering multiple storage levels. This creates more floor space, but it also helps enhance efficiency through space organization.

Allow Your Stock to Be Accessed Easier

Having to maneuver through your racking to reach awkwardly shaped or more oversized items can slow your production line down. The design allows for a high number of item placement and retrieval opportunities, meaning you can keep more SKUs and other important items on cantilevers having to worry about them being hidden behind other pallets of items you don’t often pick. With cantilever rack systems in your warehouse, getting to the materials you need is much faster, and in turn, increases your productivity.

They Can Store Just About Any Material

Cantilever racks can hold practically anything! From drywall, poles, beams, pipes, bars, tubing, and so much more, you’ll be able to quickly organize your entire warehouse with this type of racking system. Brace sets can be mounted under the arms to give a solid deck, so heavy objects like pre-packed furniture or roll forming sheet metal can stand on the racks. While these irregular items traditionally prove challenging and burdensome to store with traditional shelving and rack systems, the open design and length of cantilever racks are well suited for those tall, skinny items you need to keep elevated off the floor.

So, as you’re designing and building out your warehouse storage system, be sure that you take cantilever racking into consideration. With a knowledgeable warehouse design team to ensure a proper cantilever build, your racking will be effectively placed and stable to withstand the various materials you’ll be stacking on top of the arms.

If you plan it efficiently to ensure a proper cantilever build, your racking will be solid and stable no matter what type of material you’re stacking on top of the arms.

At American Surplus, we have a wide selection of cantilever racking that can be custom configured to fit your warehouse and the type of materials that you need to have stored. From metal materials to carpet, these systems are incredibly versatile to save you space, time, and money. Call us today to find out how American Surplus can help you design the perfect cantilever racking system for your warehouse or storage facility!