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Epoxy-Coated or Chrome-Plated Wire Shelving

December 12, 2022

When you are purchasing wire shelving for your business, warehouse, restaurant, or storage space a log goes into making the right decision. First consider what the wire shelving will be used for. This will help you determine between epoxy-coated or chrome plated wire shelving units.

Although these two styles of shelving are very similar, they are also extremely different. This blog will give you the information necessary to make an educated decision when shopping for wire shelving units.

Chrome-Plated Wire Shelving

Chrome-plated wire shelving is the most affordable kind of commercial shelving in the industry, and it has many advantages. This is one of the most popular shelving styles because they offer durability and flexibility. A chrome-plated wire shelf is an ideal storage solution if you need a sturdy and corrosion-resistant option. Chrome plating forms a slick, polished finish that not only looks good but also helps to avoid rust and corrosion.

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The idea of the chrome plating is to improve the shelving unit’s weathering overtime. Although the chrome plating will not enhance the shelving unit’s strength or weight capacity, it does, to a smaller degree, increase its strength and endurance to wear and tear. Despite this type of wire shelving being rust-resistant it does not mean it’s rust-proof. For this reason, they are ideal for storing materials in dry environments.

Epoxy Coated Wire Shelving

Epoxy-coated wire shelving is often more expensive than the alternative of chrome-plated. This style of shelving wire shelving has a thin epoxy layer on the whole thing, making it rust-proof. Although this shelving is more expensive it also tends to last two or three times longer than chrome-plated wire shelving. Epoxy coated shelving offers greater chemical resistance allowing it to endure harsh cleaning, salt, water, and chemical compounds protecting the steel from rusting. Since this type of shelving is rust proof, they are often used in storage areas that contain high humidity or frequent exposure to moisture and other compounds.

An additional advantage to epoxy-coated wire shelving is that they are visually appealing and available in various colors. This allows people to organize inventory by color and improve the presentation of your stored materials.