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Six Automotive Warehousing Must-Haves

Authored by Derek Rotondi
January 8, 2020

At ASI, we know that no two material handling facilities are the same. Although there are similarities from one warehouse to the next, the specific set up of each material handling operation varies based on the type of product that is being dealt with. That is why it's important to make sure you optimize your warehouse for the industry you're serving - especially if it's as specialized as the automotive industry.

When equipping your warehouse for an automotive material handling operation it is important to consider a variety of factors. What parts will you be storing? What parts will you be assembling? And how should you organize your automotive warehouse to maximize your employees' efficiency? With those considerations in mind, you will have a much clearer understanding of the used warehouse equipment that will best fit your needs.

Keep reading to find a breakdown of six common categories of material handling equipment that are a must-have in any automotive warehousing business. Once you have finished, give us a call at (800)876-3736. A member of our experienced sales team can work with you to answer any remaining questions you may have, as well as provide you with a free quote for your used automotive material handling equipment.

Gravity conveyor carrying tires


Conveyors are an invaluable part of any warehouse, as they are used in various aspects of automotive material handling. Looking for a way to improve your company's loading/unloading operation? Used conveyors are a cost-effective way to do so. We sell gravity conveyors that make loading/unloading a breeze, and even telescopic conveyors, which can extend all the way inside a tractor trailer.

Does your automotive warehousing operation involve assembly? We sell a wide range of power conveyors that can be used in:

  • Tire Handling
  • Door Handling
  • Engine Assembly
  • Window Installation


Used workbenches are an ideal solution for anybody whose automotive warehousing business involves the assembly of smaller components by hand. We stock a wide variety of workbenches, all of which provide your employees with a stable platform on which to work. Used pallet rack workbenches are easy to assemble, used butcher block workbenches have durable heavy-duty wood tops, and both allow your employees to keep their tools close by at all times.

Louvered Panel Storage System

Louvered Panels

Used louvered panels are also perfect for small automotive part assembly. We sell double-sided louvered panel kits that come with various sizes of hanging bins. This type of storage unit provides you with quick access to relatively small parts. And when placed next to a workbench, louvered panel storage systems allow your employees to always have the components they need within reach.


No material handling operation would be complete without some used shelving. Shelving systems have numerous benefits, from freeing up floor space and maximizing storage space, to increasing organization. At ASI, we sell used steel shelving, used industrial shelving, and used warehouse shelvingM with carying weight capacities. Thanks to their open designs, our used shelving units provide easy access to small and medium sized parts from all sides.

Modular Inplant Office

Inplant Offices

Rather than housing your office staff in a seperate building, install a modular inplant office. Reduce the possiblity of miscommunication by keeping your chain of command all under one roof. We can design an inplant office to meet any needs you may have, whether you want a single-level inplant office, multi-level inplant office, or an inplant office mezzanine.


If you're trying to maximize the amount of usable space in your automotive warehouse, than mezzanine work platforms are a necessity. Used mezzanines are raised semi-perminant structures that provide you additional floor space for storage, workstations, or even office space. In addition to used steel mezzanines, we sell used pallet rack supported mezzanines and used shelf supported mezzanines - both of which provide you with storage underneath the mezzanine structure.

Mezzanine Workplatform