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Why You Need a Pallet Positioner for Your Warehouse

March 14, 2022

Pallet positioners are essential for running a successful warehouse as they make loading, unloading, and reorienting pallets faster, easier, and safer for the employee and company. Pallet positioners come in pneumatic, spring, and hydraulic self-leveling styles. Pallet positioners minimize bending, reaching, and stretching by the operator while still getting the pallet positioned correctly. They also avoid operator misuse as they are fully automated, saving the warehouse time and money on damaged inventory. This heavy-duty ergonomic tool offers operators complete control when it comes to managing pallets of varying weights, sizes and dimensions. Here you’ll learn about some of the main reasons you need to invest in a pallet positioner for your warehouse.

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Increase Ease in Your Warehouse 

Pallet Positioners are self-leveling and automatically adjust as they use a spring and shock-absorbing system. This allows the warehouse operator to raise and lower boxes and or remove them from pallets. Overall, this will improve the productivity of loading/unloading pallets at conveyor areas, packaging stations, workbenches, and loading docks. A pallet positioner can process, move, and store heavy inventory in a way that isn’t difficult for the employee and avoids injury and product damage. This is important in a warehouse that moves a lot of inventory and requires employees to do repetitive physically demanding tasks. Pallet positioners streamline work so that the operator can reduce the lifting and rotating requirements of the stored goods.

Allow For Faster Processing Time

Efficiency is the cornerstone of any successful shipping or storage warehouse, and pallet positioners are known to improve processing time. Ergonomic equipment is important, not only to make the employee's job easier but because it allows a single employee to handle a multitude of tasks. The more tasks an employee can handle safely, without damage to the inventory, the more units a warehouse can process and the better they function as a business. Pallet-building, as well as de-palletizing on delivery, can be done seamlessly with the use of a pallet positioner so that adjustments can be made and the workflow remains efficient. When you opt for pallet positioners in your warehouse, you’re sure to see less loss in equipment and product damage while establishing a monetarily sound workflow.

Create A Safe Workplace for Employees

Companies are obligated to create a safe workplace for their employees, which is why so many warehouses use pallet positioners. However, there are also financial and business benefits to running your warehouse without injury. When tasks are overly demanding on employees it leads to quicker turnover rates and decreased employee loyalty. When employees get injured on the job it can be a huge strain on the company, both financially and morally. They have to pay worker compensation, find and properly train a replacement, as well as worry about the operators who are still in that position. Using a pallet positioner reduces injuries and training costs as they are ergonomic. Pallet positions allow for pallets to be built, unloaded, and reoriented at no risk to their operators. Once an employee is properly trained on how to operate, they can work more efficiently without sacrificing safety.

Decrease Product Damage

Your goal in building your business is to ensure that every product is delivered safely to your customers. Therefore, when your facility utilizes an automated case sealer to handle your packaging, you can trust that the package sealer will ensure the boxes are taped in such a way to help withstand any pressure during transit.

Running your shipping warehouse effectively is critical to keeping up with the demands of your orders, but it can also be expensive. But when you take time to discover the benefits of automated case sealing machines, it’s clear to understand why so many companies are investing in them. Especially currently when more people are shopping online.

Investing in an industrial pallet positioner is not only a good idea for the safety of your warehouse but its efficiency, and therefore its financial bottom line. American Surplus Inc. has a wide selection of used lift equipment, including lift tables. Call one of our sales team members at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online today!