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Types of High Throughput Sorters

August 15, 2022

Sortation conveyor systems are utilized to move products from one conveyor line to another. These systems combine a range of conveyor technologies that are fitted to each businesses operation. This helps the sortation conveyor to accurately identify, track and convey goods to help accelerate the order fulfillment process.

Sortation conveyors are ideal for high-level output operations that need materials to flow to various locations. There is an assortment of sortation technologies applied in today’s distribution facilities. The style of sorter that will be best for your usage will depend on the size and weight of your items and the needed output. In this blog we’ll discuss some of the different type of sortation conveyor systems.

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Shoe sorter conveyor systems give a very soft, positive divert with differing rates to adapt slower and faster throughput. This type of conveyor can be used for a range of different product sizes, shapes, and weights. Shoe sorter systems are ideal for conveying easily damaged and fragile products.

These conveyor systems minimize labor load handling and improve warehouse flow at 75 to 225 cartons per minute. Shoe sorters are one of the most adaptable sortation equipment options in use today to carefully sort a range of sizes of almost any cartons, totes, or boxes.

Cross belt sorters boost output rates with efficient, fast cross belt sorter technology. The carrier consists of a series of carts which are made up of a system of small bi-directional conveyor belts. The cross-belt sorter can be in a straight line or in a loop. Because of it’s 90-degree carrier items are discharged at a higher density than other sortation systems. These sorters can process 60 to 500 items per minute. These systems simpler construction makes it easy to maintain for many years of sorting.

Tilt try sorter brings efficient and high-speed sortation to some of the most challenging products. This system sorts an assortment of product shapes, sizes, and items, as well as soft goods like polybags. Tilt tray sortation technology can be constructed in a constant loop of sortation conveyor. Trays in a continuous loop and chutes that conveys and divert the items away from the sortation line. This sorter is highly reliable and requires minimal maintenance. Tilt tray sorters are extremely flexible and can grow with future business expansion.

Narrow belt sorter conveyor systems, also known as NBS, are a high-speed and high-output solution for item of medium size and weight. The diverts of this sorter can be configured in 90-degree or 30-degree angles. Narrow belt sorters have a simple construction and offers flexibility for reconfiguration making them ideal for a variety of industries. This style exerts small amounts of force on materials being conveyed, decreasing the jerking of products.

These high throughput sorters are a great solution for distribution facilities looking to increase overall output and efficiency. American Surplus has been helping its customers find the best sorting system for their layout and needs. Call one of our sales associates today and let us help you find the ideal sortation solution today!


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