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What is a Dock Leveler?

August 1, 2022

Dock levelers are often used in the loading and unloading areas of a warehouse. They help to bridge the space and height difference between the dock and the trailer or truck. Dock levelers are important since they provide a smooth transition for forklifts, pallet jacks, and workers. This smooth transition will improve the performance, productivity, and safety within a warehouses shipping area.

Each industry is unique which is why it’s hard to create a one-size-fits -all dock leveler. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you choose the right type of dock leveler for your facility. In this blog we will discuss the three main types of dock levelers often used in shipping areas.

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Air Powered Dock Leveler

This style of dock leveler uses an inflatable airbag to increase the height of the leveler. Typically, employees can control it through a push-button that circulates air into the bag and inflates it. Air powered dock levelers have a simpler design, which is why they require little maintenance over the equipment’s long lifespan. An air powered style is the ideal selection for extremely demanding shipping areas that will lead to many years of hassle-free operations.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The key advantage of a hydraulic dock leveler is that they are designed for tough usage and can handle intense weights from loads. Like air powered dock levelers, this style also offers longer life and greater reliability. These dock levelers are constructed to ensure superior durability and support. Since this style is constructed for a long-lasting usage life, they generally require lower maintenance costs. These are the ideal type of dock levelers with facilities that have demanding and busy loading docks. Because of this, businesses will have a peace of mind as the design ensures safety, convenience, and long-lasting reliability.

Mechanical Dock Leveler

The last dock leveler we’ll be talking about in this blog is the mechanical dock leveler. This dock leveler is cost-effective, easy to operate, and doesn’t require any power. Because they don’t require a power source they operate on a spring-base. These are perfect for smaller facilities that have a lower dock traffic level.

No matter which style of dock leveler you choose for your facility, know that your business will benefit from improved productivity and streamlined operations. Since trucks and trailers are not always the same height, dock leveler will help your loading area to accommodate the various heights.

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