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Time to Tidy Up the Warehouse

January 3, 2023

A New Year and a New Start

It’s a brand-new year and time for a new start. Now that it’s 2023 consider tidying up the warehouse. Warehouse cleaning can be an overwhelming project merely due to the size of present-day warehouses. If not consistently maintained, facilities can instantly become chaotic and disorganized, which can slow down the day-to-day workflow, which can increase hazards and operating costs. A tidier warehouse, alongside the right janitorial and housekeeping equipment, can help enhance your overall warehouse productivity and organization and can help make 2023 get off on the right foot. In this blog you’ll learn about organizing your warehouse for enhancing productivity in the new year.

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Create Organizational Goals

Create a schedule for cleaning your warehouse during the year. Have clear expectations for each area, department, and individual that include both regular and less frequent tasks. Day-to-day cleaning and organizing will help to lessen frequent cleaning tasks will take a smaller amount of time and resources to complete. Make sure all employees understand their specific cleaning duties.

Promote Appropriate Waste Disposal

Leave enough trash and recycling bins all around the facility and advise all employees of the correct waste disposal practice.

Reduce Clutter

It’s easy to accumulate clutter at any facility. This clutter often ends up taking valuable space up around your facility. The start of the new year is the perfect time to begin decluttering one’s warehouse. One solution is to start rotating older, usable inventory to the front and discard any outdated or unnecessary inventory. Hold only the things essential for peak productivity. Repair anything that could be restored to service and scrap the items that cannot be fixed. Furthermore, set the expectation with your employees that all inventory should be appropriately stored at the end of each task and/or workday.

An organized and tidy warehouse or distribution facility is about more than making the environment pleasant and efficient. It also promotes better team productivity, leads to more effective stock management, reduces waste, stops health and safety matters, cuts maintenance expenses, and represents business competence. This will support facility operations and allow your business to provide the highest quality of service to your partners and customers.