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Interroll vs. Spantrack: Which Carton Flow System Is Right For You?

July 9, 2020

The smartest of storage rack systems, carton flow rack is a gravity flow-based racking solution used mostly by warehouses and distribution centers. Essentially, carton flow racking systems follow the dynamic FIFO (First-In-First-Out) method of product inventory management and use a back-load design. Products are first loaded into rear part of rack which are then slid forward for easy picking. Here you have shelves set at a slight pitch with wheels to slide products automatically to frontal part of racking. The moment a product is picked up from the front part of the rack, the item immediately behind it moves forward in its place and thus the cycle goes on.

Carton Flow racking keeps the merchandise set up in perfect order and also eases the product pick-up process. It can reduce the volume of labor involved for picking as well as stocking tasks. Interestingly, carton flow racks can save around 75% labor costs in comparison to static dated storage solutions. Compared to traditional pallet racks, the carton flow option can save you up to 50% of floor space.

The storage rack accessory market is packed with a diverse range of options, especially when it comes to carton flow racking. The post below offers a brief on the most popular carton flow racking models so that you can make an informed selection.

Interroll vs. Spantrack
Spantrack Carton Flow Racking System

Up-close Spantrack Carton Flow Rails

SpanTrack Carton Flow Solution

Claiming to be the most durable, reliable, and efficient carton flow rack in the industry, SpanTrack earns rave reviews from those who utilize it in their facility. The racking caters to split case and full case order picking and assures a very condensed, neat, and organized inventory. The patented design allows the roller to conveniently sit into your existent pallet roller structures and present a stronger carton flow racking system. Mention must be made of the advanced knuckle trays (18”) boasted by the model. These trays hold products and allow easy pick-up.

Features & Benefits of SpanTrack Carton Flow Rack:

  • Optimum visibility as well as accessibility for housed SKUs regardless of size and shape
  • Optimize space usage
  • Convenient to install & use
  • Assures reduced travel timespan on pick line
  • Enhanced temperature capacity for coolers and freezers which can plummet to 20° below zero.
  • Maximize productivity by up to 150% compared to standard pallet rack
  • Knuckled front tray designed especially for split case product picking
  • Impact zones accomodate heavy loading safely

Unique Features of SpanTrack Carton Flow Racking

Maximum Surface Contact

One of the central features of SpanTrack Carton Flow is its strategic design that assures maximum surface contact. I helps to amintain even distribution of weight and eliminates risks of accidents from imbalanced weight distribution. Such an intelligent design maximizes product flow as well as prevents hang-ups on track.

Better Product Contact

SpanTrack Carton Flow Rack assures 300% better product contact compared to plastic wheel lanes.

Patented Track Notch Design

SpanTrack Carton Floor Rollers are armed with a patented track notch mechanism which minimizes height as well as maximizes clearance.

Ease of Installation & Use

The highly popular carton flow rack is a breeze to install, thanks to its drop-in design. Not only that, its end treatments make it convenient to use with all kinds of pallet racking beams.

Interroll Carton Versi Flow

Interroll’s Carton Versi Flow stands out with its state-of-the-art prowess to handle containers and cartons of “varying” sizes. There is no dearth of carton flow racks for storage and pickup of cartons/containers but not all can handle goods of different weights and sizes. This is where the Versi Flow model offers a unique edge.

The cutting-edge design of Versi Flow loads shelves on feed side and it automatically leads to simultaneous removal of goods on output side. The result is a flawless and highly efficient picking process. The solution boasts ergonomically enhanced storage as well as fast access to products. It also assures output of products at varying temperatures, ranging from 45°C to -30°C.

Features and Benefits of Interroll Carton Versi Flow:

  • Greater flexibility of load handling
  • Perfect for seasonal product processing
  • Bigger polycarbonate wheels ensure easy product flowability
  • Easily retrofits into existing rack
  • Boasts easy permeability and allows debris or dust to pass through wheels without affecting flow
  • Ergonomic configuration minimizes picker fatigue
  • Assembles Quickly and Easily
  • Low Maintenance, Maximum Uptime
Interroll Carton Versi Flow System

Upclose Interroll Carton Flow Rails

Unique Features of Interroll Carton Versi Flow

Minimal Downtime, Less Maintenance

Regular carton flow racking systems often encounter problems and usually demand repeat maintenance. Incidents like wheels popping off or tracks falling out are common which increase downtime, generally calling for costly and time-consuming repair. But, the Versi Flow model assures minimal downtime and lesser maintenance demands. Credit goes to its intelligent flow rack design that assures complete storage flexibility.

Larger, More Powerful Wheels

Unlike the standard carton flow rails that mostly use light-duty skate wheels, the Versi Flow option is equipped with wider, larger, stronger wheels. This Interroll solution is backed by powerful steel axles, connections and channels which altogether promise a more durable carton flow racking system. The bigger diameter facilitates freer product flow and reduced top-shelf elevation which leads to easier and quicker shelf restocking.

No Slotting Limitations

The Versi Flow racking system assures no limitation on slotting. It offers the model great flexibility to store products of various sizes without re-profiling.

So, Which Style of Carton Flow Will You Choose for Your Facility?

It's only natural for you to still have questions! If you would like further assistance in determining the right style of carton flow rails for your application, our dedicated sales team is here to help, offering free consultations, layout design, and more included with your quote! To get in touch with a salesperson right away, you can call our sales office directly at (800) 876-3736, or you can request a quote online via our online form. We're looking forward to helping you fulfill your business' vision soon!


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