Exercise Your Creativity with These Unique Inplant Office Ideas

Authored by Pat McAssey
July 19, 2017

One of the best features of inplant offices, or modular offices, is their modular construction. All the components are interchangeable, so when it comes to what sort of spaces you can create in your facility, offices are only the beginning. Let’s look at just how versatile a used inplant office from American Surplus can be.

Inexpensive, Easy to Setup Cafeterias and Break Rooms

In a dirty industrial environment such as a storage facility or distribution center, it is important that employees have a clean place to eat and take their breaks. A modular office can fill this role with ease without putting a strain on your budget.

Powder Coating Rooms

Powder Coating is a spray-on painting technique used in applications where a durable paint is required, such as for painting pallet racks and other heavy equipment. As the paint needs to travel through the air during painting, a clean environment to have a quality result. If your application requires powder coating in an industrial environment, then a used inplant office from American Surplus can give you the necessary environment to get the job done

Computer Rooms and Server Enclosures

Mission-critical computer systems require a high standard of maintenance to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible. Part of this maintenance is keeping machines in a temperature controlled environment, as well as keeping fans and components dust-free. An inplant office allows you to quickly and effectively setup an independent, climate controlled facility right inside your current operation. Managing your computer systems in-house is also cheaper than outsourcing to a datacenter or computer systems service, so an inexpensive, used inplant office from American Surplus is a no-brainer for businesses who want to take control of every aspect of their company, from production to management systems.

Administrative Offices

It can be expensive and inefficient paying for not just a distribution center, but also a separate administrative office on top of that. Bring your management into your warehouse by setting up an inplant office right on site. Not only do inplant offices provide a significant tax advantage over traditional buildings due to rapid depreciation, but they are already 50% less expensive from the start. So next time you’re thinking of adding additional amenities or features to your work environment, think about all of the different things a used inplant office from American Surplus can do for you.