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Reasons to Buy Used Stack Racks Instead of New Ones

June 7, 2022

Stack racks are a type of storage system often used in warehouses to store pallets and other large loads. They offer you flexibility and versatility in your distribution center to obtain maximum storage density and efficiency. This makes them ideal for usage in numerous industries. Racks assemble instantly and effortlessly and disassemble & break down for easy storage when not in use. This is great for businesses that have seasonal increases and decreases in demand. In today’s blog we’ll be talking about the benefits of investing in used stack racks instead of new ones.

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Economical Solution

Purchasing used stack racks will help to minimize the cost as buying new ones is far more expensive. Used stack racks will not only save you money, but also provide comfort in knowing they’ve already successfully served their purpose. You’ll incur a much smaller capital expenditure, allowing you to set aside your money for other operational upgrades.

Extended Life Cycle

Unlike modern technology, stack racks can still effectively perform despite some wear and tear. Sometimes racks may need to be repaired before being sold, but overall, they tend to last longer than new items. These do not suffer from breaking due to becoming obsolete parts or outdated software. Its simple and sturdy construction make it so that they last longer.

Reduce Inventory Damage

Stack racks will save you money not only in the short-term, but also in the long-term. When you consider how often inventory is damaged due to improper storage, one can see how quickly those losses add up. These will help to prevent unnecessary costs commonly incurred by safely storing bulk inventory.

Environmentally Friendly

Used stack racks are recyclable and therefore they can be used numerous times without contributing to landfills or space in the warehouse where new ones would’ve been used. By extending this products life cycle you’ll be helping to minimize the footprint on the environment. For companies that set sustainability goals, this eco-friendly purchase makes perfect sense.

Quick and Easy Install

Since stack racks are so flexible, they often are quick and easy to install into a warehouse. This leads to little downtime when being implemented, thus, allowing warehouses to continue to be productive. When the stack racks aren’t being used, they can easily be disassembled a stored, so they are not taking up valuable warehouse floor space.

No Maintenance

This type of warehouse racking system is simple and easy to maintain. Stack racks are built to last in the most demanding type of environments. If a replacement part is needed, one can easily find a replacement piece.

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