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Reasons to Buy a Case Sealer

March 7, 2022

Keeping your facility running smoothly requires more automation than it used to these days. With the demand for products so high and supply chain issues even higher, the last thing you want to have to happen is that your end-of-line automation, or lack of it, causes you to lose customers. Warehouse efficiency impacts your bottom line no matter how you look at it. Investing in a case sealer, also known as carton sealers, can be one of the smartest investments you make in your productivity and profit.

An automated case sealer is one of the best ways to increase the speeds of your packaging lines, but the problem that many companies see is the price tag that high-tech end-of-line automation comes with. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most significant benefits of investing in a package sealer for your warehouse’s productivity so that you can increase your line speed and build your business.

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The benefits of having a case sealer in your warehouse:

They Increase Output

One of the most effective ways to increase the output of your packaging facility is through automation. And with the increase in digital platforms and instant online shopping, many companies are trying to find a new competitive edge to keep up with the high demand. Automated carton sealers can transform your productivity by speeding up your packaging process and providing you with the ability to handle higher volumes.

Eliminate Double Taping

Hand packaging can lead to the double taping of packages when employees miss the mark to keep up with the high order demands. The truth is manual sealing is just not as effective as sealing done by an automated package sealer. That’s because when you seal a package manually, it takes more tape and material to ensure it’s done effectively. On the other hand, a carton sealer machine does it right the first time and uses less material. Because of this case sealers will help packaging facilities save money and materials.

Reduce Employee Injuries

When your employees are sealing packages without an automated edge sealing machine, it can lead to injuries to the back, neck, and wrists. However, with an automated package sealer, you can have employees focus on other aspects of their work and help prevent them from injuries. You also eliminate the things like fatigue, strain injuries, and downtime.

Decrease Product Damage

Your goal in building your business is to ensure that every product is delivered safely to your customers. Therefore, when your facility utilizes an automated case sealer to handle your packaging, you can trust that the package sealer will ensure the boxes are taped in such a way to help withstand any pressure during transit.

Running your shipping warehouse effectively is critical to keeping up with the demands of your orders, but it can also be expensive. But when you take time to discover the benefits of automated case sealing machines, it’s clear to understand why so many companies are investing in them. Especially currently when more people are shopping online.

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