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Advantages of Pallet Stackers

October 12, 2021
Pallet Stacker

Pallet Stackers are pallet trucks that help warehouses stack their merchandise easily and efficiently. This is because they can stack at specific heights, making it so that companies don’t have to move all their pallets at once. There are a variety of types of stackers, from electric and hand-operated to manual and battery-powered, they even have walkie stackers, which are designed for the employee to be off the machine. Regardless of the type, stackers generally have a weight capacity of at least 1,000 lbs. and can go up to 3,000 lbs. Pallet stackers are an important tool for any warehouse looking to stack merchandise, move products around their warehouse or storage facility and generally increase their business’ efficiency. In this blog, we’ll give you some of the many advantages of stackers vs other machinery.

They Save Companies Money

Stackers are significantly more cost-effective than their forklift counterparts. This is always beneficial to any warehouse or storage facility. Finding ways to cut costs means that you’ll have a better bottom line. Companies also save by not having to get their employees licenses, because you don’t need one to operate a stacker, which is not the case with forklifts. Although stackers don’t require a license you still need to be properly trained on how to use them safely.

Stackers Allow for Versatile Warehouse Configurations

Stackers are ideal for narrow spaces and can maneuver more so than other machines, you can create a layout of your storage facility or warehouse that fits your product. As companies grow, they get more products, and not always more space, the stacker allows you to design a floor plan that fits your company’s needs. Along the same lines, stackers create increased storage capacity by giving companies the ability to stack their pallets higher, while still keeping their products organized.

They Keep Employees Safe

UStackers emit no fumes and are recommended for indoor use, thusly keeping employees safe from illness and missed workdays. Due to the quietness of the stacker, employees are better able to hear each other, helping to avoid mistakes, injury, and inefficiency. Stackers are also smaller than other machines, which benefits employees because they have better visibility when doing their jobs. Also, the more your employees can see what needs to be done, the quicker they can finish and move on to their next task.

Stackers Are Versatile

Pallet stackers can be used for a variety of purposes, they can transport heavy stock for long distances, just as powered pallet trucks can, but they also can lift merchandise onto lower spaces. Regardless of it a storage facility or warehouse has a mezzanine floor, platforms, or racking that is lower to the ground, stackers can lift your product to its intended area. This makes them one of the most versatile products for storage companies because they are multipurpose. And anytime a company can buy one machine that does the job of three, it’s good for your profit margin as well as the efficiency of a facility.

Pallet Stacker

ASI has an assortment of pallet stacking solutions. If you want to increase the productivity of your warehouse or distribution center American Surplus Inc. can help. Our sales team will help you find the right solution for your business. If you have limited space and looking for an alternative to forlklifts, a stacker might be the perfect solution for you.Give us a call at (800) 876-3736!


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