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15 Years of Manufacturing Econo-200 Modular Offices

Authored by Derek Rotondi
May 20, 2020
American Surplus has recently reached its 15th anniversary of manufacturing our ECONO-200 Modular Office units that offer premium quality customizable modular offices.

American Surplus is pleased to announce its 15th anniversary of manufacturing Econo 200 Modular Offices this year. The leading material handling equipment supplier offers fully equipped easy-to-install modular office units for almost any kind of commercial space, including warehouses, storage areas, shipping offices and more. These inplant offices are convenient to dismantle and re-install too if one needs to relocate.

“We are excited to announce that we are celebrating 15 years of manufacturing our ECONO 200 Modular Office units this year. 15 years is a long time and we are glad that our modular office structures have been able to thrive for such a prolonged time in this fiercely competitive market. It only testifies to our strong commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products that can stand the test of time. We are grateful to our customers for their faith in us over the years which has encouraged us to grow and improve ourselves. We promise to serve with the same superior standard industry-leading inplant offices in the years to come”, stated Bill DiMaio Jr., the owner and president of American Surplus.

The Econo 200 Modular Office is available in standard 4-wall units that fit conveniently in almost any type of office space. Best of all, customers can also order a more economical 2 or 3-wall unit if they can utilize an existing wall.

American Surplus houses a versatile range of modular office units to choose from to fit customers’ specific office space and business needs. From basic 4’ x 8’ office panels American Surplus can create modular offices ranging from 8’ x 8’ units to 10’ x 10’ to 16’ x 12’ modular offices -- businesses have a wide variety to choose from. Larger size modular office panels are also available, from 20’ x 10’ inplant office to 24’ x 20’ to an even larger 28’ x 16 unit. Panels can be customized according to the requirements of the client.

As per the statements of Bill DiMaio Jr., every Econo 200 Modular Office unit comes equipped with all the track and aluminum dye cast post connections for structural support as well as the essential components required to install the office effectively. All the modular office units carry a locking door with viewing window. The doors and windows are customizable.

Other components include lights, drop ceiling and dust kit. The number of each component will vary according to the size of the inplant office chosen.

Added to full-fledged modular office, the company also offers inplant office mezzanines. These modular floor spaces help a business to expand its operational area without compromising the existing floor space. Akin to the complete office units, the inplant mezzanine units too are easily customizable.

As part of their sales process, American Surplus allows customers to get a realistic map of the modular office before placing the final order. The company has come a long way from offering hand-drawn sketches of the product to a more advanced CAD drawing of the modular units today to help customers reach an informed decision more effectively than ever. If needed, customers can state the customization requirements based on the CAD drawing before the final order is placed. Mapped by CAD-design specialists, the CAD layout is offered free of charge to make shopping more convenient for the customers.

When asked about the installation process, Bill DiMaio Jr. assured a breezy setup. All the modular office units extended by the company come with a user-friendly PDF instruction manual with detailed instructions of the setup process.

About American Surplus- For 30 years, American Surplus has been a name of repute across the nationwide warehouse storage and material handling equipment scene. Based in East Providence, RI, the company buys and sells a wide range of both new and used equipment. American Surplus is renowned for offering premium quality products at competitive prices, backed by committed customer service.


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