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How to Increase Warehouse Shipping Productivity

February 14, 2022

Warehouse managers and owners all want to increase their bottom lines, and can achieve this through a plethora of warehouse solutions. Hiring the right employees, finding the right equipment, and improving the layouts are all important to the warehouse’s shipping productivity. Here, we’ll go over some simple tactics that enhance the functionality of your warehouse so you can fill more orders in a shorter amount of time.

Set Yourself Up For Success

The way your warehouse storage is set up and organized can positively affect the efficiency of the operation. The layout should be comprehensive for the employees who work there, as their ability to do their job quickly directly affects how many orders you can fill in a day or week. Obviously, it should be clean and easy to navigate but if you’re looking to increase productivity you may want to go a step further. Upgrading your warehouse storage can help products stay in their intended place and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Warehouse Solutions



Reduce Costs Wherever Possible

Cutting costs helps to increase profitability, and distribution costs are a great place to start. The amount of time and effort that’s put into getting products into and out of your warehouse as well as delivery costs are an aspect of warehouse overhead that is often overlooked. If your distribution and storing procedures are leading to damaged or expired inventory, you need to make a change. Implementing tracking on shipments, as well as investing in the right storage materials so that inventory remains undisturbed are easy fixes for this issue, as well as taking the time to train employees on how to safely move items in and out of the warehouse.

Implement New Technologies

There are lots of new technologies that are available to warehouses and can increase productivity while decreasing human error. We mentioned that tracking technologies ensure the safety of inventory, but it also helps to simplify the scope of work for employees. Inventory management software utilizes barcodes or RFID technology so that you can see where a product is within the warehouse and once it leaves. It increases clarity for our employees as they have a set procedure of how to locate inventory and move it with precision.

Create A Workflow

Creating shipping workstations, in their order of use, helps to create a productive workflow. It allows employees to know what stage of storage or distribution an item is in, without even needing to look at its specifics. A shipment workstation should have the correct workspace and materials to complete the necessary step. Material such as bins, boxes as well as all the necessary boxing materials like bubble wrap, tape, tape guns, pens, help employees stay on track and on time as they don’t have to run around looking for what they need. When employees have all the items required to do the work easily it increases speed and accuracy in their work.

Shipping warehouse productivity can be overwhelming and perhaps expensive, but when you consider the cost and time spent when one doesn't implement these changes, you find that it’s a financially prudent decision.

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