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Tips to Optimize Your Warehouse Space

December 19, 2022

Maintaining and organizing a warehouse is no easy task. If you have ever worked in a warehouse, you can imagine the difficulties a warehouse manager faces while trying to squeeze efficiency from the building’s resources and employees. This is especially true for those companies just starting up. Due to rapid sales growth, seasonal sales, inventory growth, and other variables, a lot needs to be considered. Here are some tips to help you build a successful warehouse operation.

Extend Your Vertical Storage

Storage density is improved by removing dead space. Dead space is the vacant space over the top of your inventory on a shelf or rack and the warehouse ceiling. Vertical storage space has come to be a common method to increase storage density, improve inventory accuracy, reduce safety hazards, and improve efficiency.

Depth of Storage

Evaluate not only the efficient use of storage height, but also the depth of storage space; for example, consider double-depth racking.

flow rack
pallet rack
industrial shelving



Managing Inventory

Inventory is one of the greatest challenges facing warehouse operation today. It is crucial to determine inventory cycles and know how much and how often inventory comes and goes. Most warehouses will feature bar code systems to help automate and accurately provide this information. This knowledge will help you organize and plan storage for your inventory and, over time, this should become a standard practice in the warehouse. Making it a normal practice in your inventory management process will help decrease the time managers spend on managing inventory.

The type of storage system you choose whether it be pallet rack, industrial shelving, bulk rack, flow rack, or rivet rack, must be ideal for picking and inventorying your merchandise. If you sell multiple products, identifying slow moving and fast-moving products will help you make smart storage decisions.

Training Labor Force

Once you have your warehouse storage system installed and ready to go, you want to train your warehouse staff to know the ins and outs of your storage system and processes. First and foremost, safety in the warehouse is essential, and with proper training you can get everyone on the same page and reduce your exposure to safety issues. Establishing goals for your inventory maintenance and shipping and receiving crews will save you time and money when receiving inventory and shipping out orders. It is critical to communicate your goals and why they are important to ensure that all employees understand their job and the importance of their job. Training will help you achieve a great level of optimization in your warehouse.

Redesigning Existing Systems

Finally, there may be a scenario, most commonly rapid growth, in which your current warehouse system is not enough. There are essentially two options for you and your team: you can redesign your existing space, or you can move to a new, larger warehouse. When you run into this problem, you are going to want to consult professional help and get an expert opinion, especially if this is your first move/redesign. It may be possible to re-arrange or add storage areas to your existing space depending on how drastic your growth change is. If you work with American Surplus, we store all our drawings in our system, so we can revisit your original layouts and come up with options to help manage your business growth and make something work in your existing warehouse.