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Used Utility Vehicles

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Most warehouses utilize forklifts to transport inventory quickly and efficiently, but in huge facilities, transporting people from place to place can waste valuable time. On the production floor, time is money. Long walks hauling equipment around your facility means wasted minutes for your entire team. But with the help of a used warehouse utility vehicles such as stockchasers, burden carriers, and personnel carriers, you can help your crew reclaim that time with a fleet of quick and agile used warehouse utility vehicles.

Utility vehicles are a cost-effective solution that highly increases productivity. These vehicles can be used for towing medium sized loads, order picking, and burden carrying. Unlike forklifts these vehicles provide an ergonomic advantage and are extremely maneuverable. So, call American Surplus today at (800)876-3736 and speak wit one of our knowledgeable sales associates today!

Used Crown Wave Work Assist Vehicle
Used Crown Wave Work Assist Vehicle
  • D.C Voltage: 24
  • Tray Capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Platform Lift Ht. 118"
  • Tested & Inspected
Used Nordskog Electric Vehicle
Used Nordskog Electric Vehicle
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Decrease Worker Injury
  • Carry Loads in Bulk
Used Personnel Lifts
Used Personnel Lifts
  • Improved Productive
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Set Up in Minutes
  • Increase Safety

Available Combo Deals

A used utility vehicle is a great solution to saving your employees valuable time. These utility vehicles allow employees to navigate narrow aisles with ease, picking orders and getting them ready to ship in bulk, without having to constantly run back and forth between each item. With a tight turning radius and up to 1,200 pounds of carrying capacity, a used utility vehicles can make all difference in your warehouse.

A burden carrier offers similar utility to a stockchaser, but is designed for longer trips. A burden carrier is ideal for transporting inventory over longer distances, or with greater frequency. Their more rugged design does not give you as small of a turning radius,and may not be as good at navigating narrow aisles as a stockchaser, but can still be a fantastic addition to your operations.

A personnel carrier is the ideal remedy for getting yourself or your employees from point A to point B. Navigating massive warehouses and facilities can be time-consuming and can make even the simplest task take a long amount of time. Whether it is getting from department to department or getting your employees to their job site, a personnel carrier is the most efficient solution for you to utilize. From single-person to 8 or more, there is definitely a personnel carrier that can make your life easier.

Any of the above utility vehicle can be easily adapted into your warehouse to improve the efficiency of your warehouse operation. With top speeds upwards of 10 mph, warehouse used utility vehicles significantly reduce the amount of time your workers will spend transporting materials from one area to another.

At American Surplus, we sell used 24V electric warehouse utility vehicles for up to 60% off the cost of new. We carry models from popular manufacturers such as Cushman, Taylor-Dunn, and Columbia. Warehouse utility vehicles typically fit two workers and their tool kits, and some also have a rear cargo deck.

Do not miss out on our low prices. Request a quote online or call our sales team at (800) 876-3736 to learn how you can save your crew valuable time every day with a used industrial utility vehicle or any used material handling equipment from American Surplus.

Utility Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What makes our utility vehicles unique?
A:Our utility vehicles can assist with several workplace tasks – Operating on rugged surfaces, transporting employees while performing work, and navigating tighter spaces than a traditional vehicle could.

Q:What type of maintenance does a utility vehicle require?
A:While every utility vehicle is different, basic maintenance tasks should be prioritized to keep your product in good condition. This includes but is not limited to: regular oil and filter changes, fluid level and air filter checks, battery maintenance, brake replacements, and tire inspections.