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The Advantages of Stack Racks

January 24, 2022

Whether you’re a fulfillment center for an e-commerce business or a warehouse for goods, having stack racks for your pallets is a cost-effective method of storage products and inventory. In this blog, we’ll give the many advantages of stack racks for warehouse and fulfillment centers, and why your business should make the change.

Stack Racks Reduced Product Damage

The most important aspect of any pallet rack is to keep inventory safe from damage. When bulk stacking, you want to avoid products sitting on top of one another, especially during long-term storing, to keep them from crushing the bottom layer or hurting the integrity of the items. Stack racks allow for multiple shipments to be kept load-on-load, without damaging the inventory, which helps keep you or your client’s items safe and able to be sold.

Stack Rack
Stack Racks



They Help To Increase Warehouse Capacity

The success of a warehouse is based on the amount of inventory you can safely store, and your investments increase the more product you carry. Stack racks increase warehouse capacity by building up while keeping the floor of the facility clear. Stack racks are known to increase capacity within warehouses by up to 66%, which makes it the obvious choice for racking.


Stack racks are cost-effective due to their durability and lack of maintenance costs. Stack racks cut down on costs of replacing and fixing parts in your warehouse. When warehouses opt for stack racks as opposed to wooden pallets it helps to reduce costs for replacement pallets. They are far more cost-effective compared to wooden pallets because they aren’t easily dented and damaged during filling orders or moving stored items. If you find yourself having to spend money to replace pallets often, it could be because you have wooden pallets rather than stack racks.

They Are A Durable and Long Lasting Option

When operating a warehouse, the durability of the material is important, not just to the integrity of your inventory, but to the overhead costs of your fulfillment center as a whole. Stack racks are made from long-lasting materials that maintain their structure and strength for long periods. This avoids shelf collapse and helps to store even large, heavy, or bulky items and keep them safe from damage. You’ll also save on repairs to your pallets because stack racks keep their strength and don’t need much adjustment.

Improves Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Stack racks function as pallets, so workers can move them and inventory without having to load and unload pallets, which makes the process more efficient. Efficiency within a fulfillment center is a cornerstone of profitable workflow. Helping workers move around easily and without accident saves fulfillment center money on the damaged inventory, as well as lowers the cost of order fulfillment methods. All of this leads to increased warehouses profits for your company.

Stack racks have many advantages, all of which lead to the fulfillment center saving money, as well as being able to full more orders for clients or yourself. We hope you’ll consider purchasing stack racks from American Surplus, and see how much your business benefits.


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