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Everything You Need To Know About Stack Racks

August 30, 2021
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When it comes to organizing your warehouse and streamlining your operations, there are many different types of equipment and tools to do just that. One of the best ways to ensure a streamlined process throughout every part of your warehouse is to place goods strategically. Not only does it keep you organized, but it also helps you maximize accessibility.

Stack Racks are one of the most excellent tools at your disposal to help create an expertly organized facility while also increasing your employee productivity. This is why so many warehouses rely on a stack rack system to customize their storage solutions. Not to mention the labor costs savings that come from not using your typical pallet racking system.

This is because stack racks providing a seamless and convenient rack design that simplifies your material handling, and the best part is they’re portable! Today, we wanted to discuss why investing in used stack racks can not only save your business money but will quickly become your preferred storage and organization solution for your warehouse!

Space! All The Space!

There’s nothing like having prime floor real estate in your warehouse. Stack racks are the ideal flexible warehouse storage solution that allow you to configure a layout that works best for your warehouse. So, whether you want to increase your production and add new equipment or just have the ease of use that space provides, stack racks are your best friend. They’re designed to have multiple racks stacked on top of one another and ensure no contact between your product loads.

Quick And Easy!

What’s better than have a super-fast and easy way to instantly increase your storage space without actually taking up any more floor space in your warehouse? Precisely what we’re thinking! With a used stack rack system, you can increase your storage space in no time at all.

Reduce Damage!

Stack racks help to reduce damage of materials, particularly when it comes to long-term storage. You’ll be able to reduce over-stacking, which can often lead to product damage. This will help your warehouse to increase output by eliminating the worry of unexpected damages to your product.

They’re adjustable.

If your inventory changes and you need to create the storage space, your stack racking system provides the perfect solution. This is because you can easily adjust and reconfigure the layout and storage structure of every stack rack to fit the needs of your current inventory.

They’re portable.

When you no longer need that extra bit of storage for products, stack racks can be quickly taken down when they’re not being used. This portability allows you to expand and reduce your storage as needed and is one that keeps up with your ever-changing space needs. The portability of stack racks helps with more than storage layout. Stack racks can be moved directly from a storage area to a workstation, reducing handling time caused by trips back and forth to gather product. Thus, increasing the productivity of your employees in your warehouse or storage facility.

They’re Cost-Effective.

One of the best parts about stack racks, whether you’re buying used stack racks or new ones, is that they’re cost-effective. Rather than going out and purchasing a massive and costly pallet rack system, you can simply set up a few stack racks and create vertical storage that is both sturdy and convenient.

They’re Customizable.

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats a stack rack set up in your warehouse. You can configure them in any kind of setup, and they can be moved around your facility for those times you need to put seasonal products or items away. Stack racks can even be moved without unloading the product first, making reorganizing quick and easy.

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No matter what type of setup you have in your warehouse currently, stack racks are an incredibly versatile tool to add more storage space. At American Surplus, we have a massive selection of used stack racks ready to purchase that are sturdy, high-quality, and, most notably are priced to save you money on your bottom line!

For all your warehouse solutions American Surplus Inc. has everything that you need to build an effective warehouse. From stack racks to pallet racks and more we are the experts that can help you find the solution best for your individual warehouse needs. With American Surplus Inc. you will save 40% - 60% off quality stack racks when buying used. Call one of our knowledgeable sales team members today at (800) 876-3736.


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