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Used Vertical Carousels

Used Vertical Carousels, also known as VLMs, are a cost-effective, high-tech solutions to help a business reach maximum productivity. This computerized system will provide storage organization, materials handling, and item retrieval at the optimum ergonomic height. It consists of trays attached to a chain that rotates. It is primarily intended to carry items in totes, bins, and drawers for small and large components. These systems utilize the high ceiling heights of facilities allowing the storage of materials and parts on a height-optimized basis. From small to bulky items these vertical carousels save space, time, and costs.

Used Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Carousels
Used Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Carousels
  • Digital Inventory Control
  • Reduce Floor Space Requirements
  • Lightly Used, Low Quantities!
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About Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels are a high-density storage solution that operates on the vertical axis. These decrease the amount of time workers and order pickers need to move from shelf to shelf gathering items. Not only do they improve flexibility and efficiency in picking and fulfillment, but they also have a fast ROI. Used vertical carousels modernize operating procedures, decrease expenses, and provide flexibility for warehouse organization necessary to get ahead of competition. The vertical carousels computer-controlled access technology generates an efficient and effective way to bring the materials you need. The fully industrialized systems take’s the wanted items to the picking zone in moments.

Storing vertically not only saves a lot of space, but also saves employee time and energy in locating items as they are delivered directly to the operator. This will help to create a problem free work environment. Improved storage and retrieval times, making a highly productive sustainable environment within a facility. This efficiency will ultimately lead to higher output and better picking times. Some other benefits include the protection of stored articles, more accurate positioning, easy maintenance, eliminate safety issues, and long service life.

Vertical carousels are the best solution for problems surrounding the management, picking and retrieval of components, in a varied range of industries. Vertical carousels are fast, smooth, and reliable in the increased improvement for today’s supply-chain management environment.

Some benefits of using a VLM in a warehouse or manufacturing facility include:

  1. Increased storage capacity: A VLM can store more items in a smaller footprint than traditional shelving or storage systems.
  2. Improved productivity: The VLM retrieves and delivers items to the operator, reducing the time and effort required for manual picking and put away.
  3. Enhanced ergonomics: The VLM delivers items to an ergonomic workstation, reducing the risk of injury and improving operator comfort.
  4. Better inventory control: The VLM is equipped with a computerized control system that tracks inventory levels and locations, making it easier to manage and control inventory.

Some key factors to consider when selecting a VLM for a specific application include:

  1. Item size and weight: VLMs come in different sizes and weight capacities, so it is important to choose one that can accommodate the items being stored.
  2. Required throughput: The throughput of the VLM should match the requirements of the application, including the number of items to be retrieved and delivered per hour.
  3. Integration with other systems: The VLM should be compatible with other warehouse management systems, such as inventory management and order processing systems.
  4. Maintenance and support: It is important to consider the maintenance and support requirements of the VLM, including service and repair options, spare parts availability, and technical support.

Vertical Carousels Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does a vertical carousel work?
A: Vertical Carousels are powered by a motor, which directs the carriers in a vertical loop around a track in both forward and reverse directions.

Q: What are the benefits of a vertical carousel?
A: The advantages of vertical carousels range from increasing open floor space and boosting storage density to speed up picking, improving picking accuracy, and enhancing workplace ergonomics.