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Used Automatic Tape Dispensers

If you have a shipping or packaging department where automated systems such as case erectors or sealers do not make sense, then productivity can still be increased with the addition of an industrial tape dispenser. Adding an industrial tape dispenser to your shipping or packaging line decreases time wasted fumbling for scissors, cutting inconsistent lengths, and struggling the find the end of a roll of tape. Industrial tape dispensers can help packaging employees be more effective at their shipping stations. These dispensers are ideal for fast-paced and high-volume packaging environments. With little operator training needed, it’ll only be a matter of time before you see the increase of packaging productivity. American Surplus has industrial tape dispensers available in both manual and automatic, all at 40% - 60% less than the price of new.

Used BetterPack 500 Gummed Tape Dispenser
Used BetterPack 500 Gummed Tape Dispenser
  • Water Activated Tapes
  • Electric
  • 3" wide tape

Available Combo Deals

When shipping and packaging items, efficient time and material usage is one of the most important parts. Industrial tape dispensers make things go smoothly to allow for quicker processing and packaging items to be shipped. Industrial tape dispensers are available in either manual or automatic, and the applications of each are based on your shipping/packaging volume.

If you only ship a few packages a day, then a manual tape dispenser is for you. With the help of a lever, just push down and preloaded tape is dispensed. You can pre-set the length of tape to be dispensed, usually anywhere between 0 and 8-12 inches. When the lever is released, the tape is cut and ready for use.

If packaging is a little more demanding than that, an automatic tape dispenser is the way to go. Automatic tape dispensers are electrically powered and can be programmed to pre-set lengths, like a manual tape dispenser. What makes an automatic tape dispenser more efficient is the ability to dispense tape "automatically".

What this means is that the dispenser utilizes a sensor to recognize when more tape is needed. Once you pull the piece of dispensed tape off, another piece automatically replaces it, removing the need for a button or lever to be pushed every time a piece of tape is needed. Automatic tape dispensers can also pre-set far greater lengths than a manual dispenser, which increases the versatility of how you can use it. These are ideal for fast and heavy volume packaging and shipping departments.

All used industrial tape dispensers are tested and inspected prior to shipment to ensure that only the best quality used equipment leaves our warehouse. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used industrial tape dispensers as well as our full selection of used packaging equipment.