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Used Ladder Carts


Used Ladder Carts for Sale

  • Ladder carts have a partial section that is a ladder, making these carts ideal for order picking.
  • The mobility of the carts help increase accuracy and productivity of picking inventory.
  • Made with all-welded aluminum and spring loaded to lock firmly in place when standing on the first step.
  • Carts have four casters for easy maneuverability, two being lockable and two being rigid.
  • All ladder carts are inspected and tested by ASI before shipment.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used ladder carts: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Used Ladder Cart
Used Ladder Cart
  • 24" wide x 36" long x 30" high
  • 3 Steps
  • 2 Shelves

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About Ladder Carts

Used ladder carts, also referred to as ladder trucks, provide a dual function of moving material and inventory to storage locations and providing a ladder for reaching upper levels of shelving. Ladder carts typically have 3 steps with safety rails on either side. Used stock picking trucks with more steps are available. A spring-loaded ladder locks firmly in place when operator steps on first rung. Units have 4” casters with 2 lockable swivel and 2 rigids. Typical ladders provide 2 tray type shelves, one at a lower level and the second at a higher.

Ladder carts are versatile, mobile, and practical tools that provide safe access to elevated areas while offering a convenient platform for transporting tools and materials. Their mobility, versatility, and safety features make them indispensable in various industries and work environments. Whether it's for accessing high shelves, performing maintenance tasks, or transporting items, ladder carts provide a reliable and efficient solution, improving productivity and enhancing worker safety.

Call and speak with one of our warehouse technicians to review your needs with our inventory of carts and trucks. There are many options for manually moving and storing product and inventory. Call (800) 876-3736 today. Properly maintained used ladder carts/trucks have a long-life cycle that provides additional value when purchased at up to 50% off the price of new. You will be satisfied.

Advantages of Ladder Carts

Ladder carts, also known as ladder trucks or rolling ladders, offer various advantages in various work environments. Here are some many benefits of ladder carts:

  • Mobility and Accessibility: Ladder carts are designed with wheels, making them highly mobile and easy to maneuver. They can be quickly moved from one location to another, allowing workers to access elevated areas or different workstations with ease. This mobility eliminates the need for workers to carry heavy ladders around, saving time and effort.
  • Versatility: Ladder carts are versatile tools that serve multiple purposes. They combine the functionality of a ladder and a cart, allowing workers to transport items or tools while also providing a safe platform for working at heights. This versatility makes ladder carts suitable for various applications in industries such as warehousing, retail, maintenance, and construction.
  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: With ladder carts, workers can eliminate the need for separate trips to transport tools or materials. The cart platform provides a space to carry necessary items, reducing the time spent going back and forth. This streamlined process helps improve efficiency and productivity by minimizing downtime and unnecessary movements.
  • Safety: Ladder carts prioritize worker safety. They are designed with stable and sturdy platforms, handrails, and guardrails that provide a secure working surface at heights. The inclusion of safety features helps prevent accidents and reduces the risk of falls, providing workers with confidence and peace of mind during tasks that require elevation.
  • Storage and Organization: Ladder carts often come with additional storage features, such as shelves or compartments. These allow workers to keep tools, equipment, or supplies organized and easily accessible while working at heights. The integrated storage options on ladder carts contribute to improved efficiency and workflow by reducing the time spent searching for and retrieving necessary items.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Ladder carts are typically constructed from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity. They are built to withstand regular use and heavy loads without compromising stability or safety. The robust construction of ladder carts makes them a reliable and long-lasting tool investment.
  • Space-Saving Design: Ladder carts are designed with a compact footprint, making them ideal for workplaces with limited space. They can be easily maneuvered through narrow aisles, tight corners, or crowded work areas, allowing for efficient use of available space.
  • Economical Solution: Ladder carts provide a cost-effective solution by combining the functionalities of ladders and carts into a single tool. Instead of investing in separate ladders and carts, a ladder cart offers the benefits of both, reducing equipment costs and optimizing storage space.

Ladder Carts Applications

Ladder carts, also known as ladder trucks or rolling ladders, find applications in various industries and work environments. Here are some ideal applications for ladder carts:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers: Ladder carts are widely used in warehouses and distribution centers for picking and organizing inventory. Workers can easily access elevated storage racks and shelves using the ladder portion of the cart. The cart platform provides a convenient space to transport items or tools while moving between different areas.
  • Retail Stores: Ladder carts are useful in retail settings for tasks such as restocking shelves, arranging displays, and reaching items on high shelves. Workers can efficiently transport products, signage, or equipment using the cart, while the ladder allows them to safely access elevated areas for merchandise placement.
  • Maintenance and Facilities: Ladder carts are utilized in maintenance departments and facilities for various tasks. They are ideal for changing light bulbs, performing repairs, or conducting inspections at elevated heights. The cart platform allows workers to carry tools, equipment, or supplies, eliminating the need for additional trips.
  • Construction and Contractors: Ladder carts are beneficial in construction sites and for contractors working on projects that require frequent movement and elevation access. They provide a portable and versatile solution for tasks such as painting, installation, or electrical work, allowing workers to transport tools and materials while having a safe platform for working at heights.
  • Libraries and Archives: Ladder carts are used in libraries and archives to retrieve books, archives, or storage boxes from high shelves. The ladder portion of the cart enables workers to reach materials efficiently, while the cart platform can hold multiple items for transportation.
  • Industrial Settings: Ladder carts find applications in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants or assembly lines, where workers need to access elevated machinery or perform maintenance tasks. The cart's mobility and ladder functionality allow for easy transportation of tools and equipment while providing a secure platform for elevated work.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Services: Ladder carts are commonly used by maintenance and cleaning service providers for tasks that require working at heights, such as window cleaning, building maintenance, or HVAC system maintenance. The cart's platform allows workers to transport cleaning supplies, tools, or equipment while providing a stable working surface.

Ladder Carts Manufacturers

  • Cotterman Company
  • Ballymore Company
  • EGA Products, Inc.
  • Tri-Arc Manufacturing Company
  • U.S. Industrial Supply, Inc.
  • Top Shelf Manufacturing
  • Wesco Industrial Products
  • Little Giant Ladder Systems
  • Louisville Ladder
  • Jaken Co., Inc.

Ladder Carts are Also Known As

  • Rolling Ladders
  • Warehouse Ladders
  • Mobile Ladders
  • Platform Ladders
  • Stock picker Ladders
  • Step Ladders with Wheels
  • Industrial Ladder Trucks
  • Combination Ladders
  • Mobile Work Platforms
  • Access Ladders on Wheels
  • Portable Rolling Stairs
  • Rolling Safety Ladders
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Rolling Step Stools
  • Rolling Safety Steps
  • Mobile Maintenance Platforms
  • Order Picker Ladders
  • Rolling Library Ladders
  • Mobile Staircases
  • Rolling Height Access Carts

Ladder Carts Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a ladder cart?
A: A ladder cart is a mobile tool that combines the functionality of a ladder and a cart. It typically consists of a ladder structure with wheels and a platform or cart section for transporting items or tools while working at elevated heights.

Q: Are ladder carts height adjustable?
A: Most ladder carts have a fixed height for the ladder portion. However, there are models available with adjustable height options or telescoping ladder sections that allow for some level of height adjustment. These adjustable features can provide flexibility in reaching different heights or accommodating specific work requirements.

Q: Are utility carts durable?
A: The durability of utility carts can vary depending on the manufacturer and materials used. However, many utility carts are designed to withstand frequent use, heavy loads, and diverse environments. It's important to choose carts made from sturdy materials for long-lasting durability.

Q: Can ladder carts be used outdoors?
A: Ladder carts designed for outdoor use are available. They are typically constructed with materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, such as corrosion-resistant finishes or weatherproof components. However, it is essential to check the manufacturer's specifications to ensure the suitability of a specific ladder cart for outdoor use.

Q: Are ladder carts safe to use?
A: Ladder carts are designed with safety in mind. They often have stable ladder structures with non-slip steps or platforms, as well as handrails or guardrails for added stability and fall prevention. However, it is important to use ladder carts according to the manufacturer's instructions and adhere to proper ladder safety practices.

Q: Can ladder carts be used as temporary work platforms?
A: Yes, ladder carts can serve as temporary work platforms, providing a stable and secure elevated surface for workers to perform tasks. However, it's important to ensure that the ladder cart is properly positioned, locked in place (if equipped with locking mechanisms), and that workers follow proper safety protocols when using it as a work platform.