Finding Ways to Increase Warehouse Storage Space

Authored by Pat McAssey
January 22, 2015


My Current warehouse storage space is at 80% of total available floorspace. How can I use my current storage space more effectively?

There are two factors that must be considered:

  1. Storage Density, high-density storage increases space utilization, but minimizes individual pallet load access.
  2. Product Selectivity; direct face access (selectivity) to all pallets typically requires more aisle floor space.

For many operations, balancing these factors with a combination ofhigh density (floor bulk, drive-in & pallet flow racks and singledeep selective rack systems provide the best solution. For otheroperations the storage system is design is driven by space factors, suchas height of the building and the aisle spacing that will requirespecialized forklifts that can operate in smaller aisles.

A typical rack layout has three widths:

  • Standard Aisle- 10’ wide,
  • Narrow Aisle- 8’-9’ wide,
  • Very Narrow Aisle- 7’ or less.

These aisle widths determine the type of forklifts that are recommended for noted spacing.

Standard aisle spacing utilizes right-angle stacking, withcounter-balance forklifts such as 3 & 4 wheel sit-down forklifts or3-wheel ‘stand-up trucks. Narrow aisle forklifts also uses right-anglestacking forklifts, but use ‘front end’ outriggers for stabilityreducing the overall length of the forklift allowing it to operate in anarrower aisle. The very narrow aisle widths allow swing forklifttechnology usage that is able to service higher rack heights and narrowaisles. This type high density technology will result in an increase inforklift expenditures.

There are options available that can allow you to meet youroperational needs and budget. American Surplus Inc. has been in the usedstorage & material handling business selling these systems at50-65% off new for over 23 years assisting its customers in solvingthese and many other system problems. Storage density problems can besolved in many ways beyond the rack configurations previously mentioned.Our facility is stocked with a multitude of used complimentary storagesystems that can increase your efficiency. Our systems’ specialists willdemonstrate that expertise prior to you spending any money. Challengeour team to prove it.

We’ll take the time and effort to show you what and how. You will be satisfied.