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Used Reach Trucks for Sale

  • Also known as narrow aisle forklifts, these trucks are best suited for tight aisle spaces.
  • Great for loading and collecting pallets.
  • Typically, reach trucks have a smaller capacity than a traditional forklifts, but they do have a higher lift height.
  • Trucks have good ergonomics and a low cost of ownership.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used reach trucks: Learn more about our purchasing program
Used Crown Reach Truck
Used Crown Reach Truck
  • Maneuver Narrow Aisles
  • 3,100 lbs. Capacity
  • Out of Stock
Raymond EASI R30TT Reach Trucks
Raymond EASI R30TT Reach Trucks
  • Ideal for Narrow Aisles
  • Raymond Reach Trucks
  • Out of Stock

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About Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are particularly intended to operate in tight passageways in warehouses and storing facilities. They let you load up products at a greater height and increase the use of your facilities storage space. A reach truck allows for the forklift to extend forward into the racking to either pick or store palletized loads. Some reach trucks can go up to two pallets deep into drive in/drive through racking. The scissors on these reach forklifts are extremely heavy duty and extend and retract by the push of a button. To do this, straddle arms extend forward to keep the reach forklift from flipping over, or a counterbalance is utilized.

Because the straddle arms extend forward, you must be careful not to bump the lower level of racking while picking or storing pallets. The capacity of used reach forklifts varies depending on the lift height and the length of the scissors.

ASI carries a large variety of used scissor reach forklifts at a fraction of the cost of new. Our used forklifts are in great condition and are tested, cleaned, and inspected prior to shipment. All used material handling equipment is sold with a 30-day guarantee. Give our knowledgeable sales team a call today, they are more than happy to help. If you do not see the used forklift you are looking for, call us! ASI is part of a national network of new and used forklift dealers. We can find the right truck for your application.

Advantages of Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are popular in warehouse and distribution center operations because they offer various advantages over other types of forklifts. Here are some of the advantages of reach trucks:

  • Narrow aisle operation: A reach trucks are built to maneuver in narrow aisles, which can save space and increase storage density in a warehouse. This can lead to more efficient use of warehouse space and lower costs.
  • High lift heights: Reach trucks are capable of lifting loads to soaring heights, which allows operators to access and store items on high shelves. This can increase the storage capacity of a warehouse and reduce the need for additional space.
  • Maneuverability: Reach trucks are highly maneuverable, which makes them ideal for use in tight spaces. They can move forward, backward, and turn in tight circles, which allows them to operate in narrow aisles.
  • Productivity: Reach trucks can manage a wide range of loads and are able to move quickly and efficiently, which can increase productivity in a warehouse or distribution center.
  • Operator comfort: Manufacturers of reach trucks design them with operator comfort in mind, with features such as ergonomic controls and adjustable seats. This can help reduce operator fatigue and increase safety.
  • Safety: Reach trucks have safety features such as stability controls, backup alarms, and operator restraint systems. This can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Reach Trucks Applications

Reach trucks are highly versatile and are used in a wide range of applications in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings. Here are some of the most common applications for reach trucks:

  • Storage and retrieval: Reach trucks are frequently used for storing and retrieving items in warehouses and distribution centers. Their ability to lift loads to high heights and maneuver in narrow aisles makes them ideal for this type of application.
  • Pallet handling: Reach trucks are normally used for handling pallets of goods, such as bulk boxes, crates, and other items. They can lift and move pallets quickly and efficiently, which can increase productivity in the workplace.
  • Order picking: Reach trucks can be used for order picking, which involves selecting and assembling items for shipment or delivery. Their ability to lift and move loads quickly and efficiently can help streamline the order picking process.
  • Manufacturing: Reach trucks are often used in manufacturing facilities for moving and handling raw materials, finished goods, and other items. Their versatility and maneuverability make them ideal for this type of application.

Reach Trucks Manufacturers

  • Toyota Material Handling
  • Crown Equipment Corporation
  • Hyster-Yale Group
  • Raymond Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Group
  • Doosan Industrial Vehicle

Reach Trucks are Also Known As

  • Narrow aisle forklifts
  • High reach trucks
  • Double-deep reach trucks
  • Stand-up reach trucks
  • Articulated reach trucks
  • Very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks
  • Turret trucks
  • Swing reach trucks
  • Order pickers with reach functionality

Reach Truck Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a reach truck?
A: A reach truck is a type of forklift designed for use in narrow aisles. It has an extended mast that can reach high shelves, and it typically has a narrow base to maneuver in tight spaces.

Q: What are the safety considerations when using a reach truck?
A: Safety considerations when using a reach truck include ensuring the load is properly balanced and secured, operating the truck at safe speeds, and ensuring the operator is properly trained and following safety protocols. Stability controls, backup alarms, and operator restraint systems can also help prevent accidents and injuries.

Q: How do I choose the right reach truck for my application?
A: When choosing a reach truck, factors to consider include the lift height required, the weight and size of the loads being handled, the width of the aisles, and the operating environment (such as whether it is indoors or outdoors). Working with a knowledgeable dealer or consultant can also help ensure you choose the right reach truck for your specific needs.

Q: What is the difference between a reach truck and a standard forklift?
A: The main difference between a reach truck and a standard forklift is their design. Reach trucks are specifically designed for narrow aisles and high lift heights, while standard forklifts are designed for more general use in wider spaces. Reach trucks also typically have a narrow base and extended mast, while standard forklifts have a wider base and shorter mast.

Q: Do you need a license to drive a reach truck?
A: Reach truck training is mandatory if forklift operators are required to use these types of machines on a day-to-day basis.

Q: Is it easy to drive a reach truck?
A: Operating any style of forklift requires precision, concentration, and is a physically difficult job.