When to Stop Hand Taping your Cases

Authored by Pat McAssey
March 16, 2015

Both hand taping systems are generally priced under $1,000 versus the automatics that are priced around $10,000 new. Will both systems get the job done? Actually yes. The hand taping system is probably the most versatile and able to provide taping for most case sizes rather quickly without any machine adjustments.The big difference is that the operator tasked with taping the case must provide all the labor with the mechanical or electronic dispensers while the automatics require less handling labor and can provide consistency in quality and a known speed of operation.

All taping systems require maintenance and downtime to replenish tape, glue, or water. The mechanical and electronic dispensers hold less tape than the automatics and will require more maintenance & downtime. The automatics will require power and air. So consideration must include availability of an air compressor and power receptacle.

Will a manual system suit your requirements and budget or will you require an automatic random,
adjustable, flap folding, or case forming unit. Let one of ASI’s technicians review your needs and recommend a system to fit your operation. Call 800-876-3736.

Regardless of your choice you will be satisfied and your system is certified with the lowest price in the industry. In addition all used case sealers are sold with a 30 day guarantee.