Consolidating, Downsizing, Liquidating? Call ASI

Authored by Pat McAssey
August 4, 2014


Moving into a new facility or need to consolidate your existing facility?

American Surplus is constantly seeking used material handling equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Conveyor – Power and gravity – all types
  • Carousel Systems – Vertical & horizontal
  • Pick Modules
  • Mezzanines
  • Pallet Racking – Structural & selective, including drive in rack, push back, pallet flow rack, and more!
  • Specialty Racking – Cantilever rack, reel & carpet rack, bulk rack, record storage rack, and more!
  • Shelving – Industrial steel, wire shelving, modular drawer shelving, and more!
  • Forklifts – All types including order pickers, electric, propane, narrow aisle, reach trucks and more!
  • Bins & Totes
  • Other Lift Equipment – Cranes, pallet jacks, stackers, vertical lifts, lift tables, and more!
  • Lockers
  • Packaging Equipment – Balers, case erectors, case sealers, stretch wrappers, and more!
  • Warehouse carts, fans, safety equipment, work benches, etc.

American Surplus’s in house crew will come to your location andprofessionally and carefully disassemble any or all of the equipmentwithin the facility. If you are moving out of the facility completely,our team will make sure to leave the facility swept clean. All usedmaterials will be loaded on our trucks and taken away from yourfacility.

Moving into a new facility? American Surplus can help determineexactly what you will need, and we can provide these materials at afraction of the cost of buying new. We can also provide professional CADlayouts of your new location and the proposed setup to get a conceptualidea before starting the project. Trust the team with over 25 years ofexperience to guide you every step of the way.

No job is too big for American Surplus. We have a 530,000 square footfacility and a huge network of over 30,000 nationwide customers, so wecan quickly find an appropriate home for your equipment. We have over 20years of experience in consolidating, downsizing, liquidating, andrelocating facilities. Whatever the project, ASI is here to help. Ourdedicated sales team will gladly work with you on your next big move.Please feel free to give us a call today, (800) 876 3736, or send us anemail briefly explaining your project!