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Used Stack Racks – Tier Rack vs. Nestainers

October 6, 2014

If you are looking for flexibility when choosing a racking system, the most popular option is stack racks. American Surplus sells two different style stack racks: Tier Rack and Nestainers. These portable storage racks are most effective for short-term use. When not in use, these racks can be stored in a small space with ease. Different from tier racks, which can be disassembled and stacked, nestainers are one solid unit and nest inside one another for storage. This is an advantage because there is no disassembly required; there is also no assembly required. Nestainers are sturdier and more durable than tier style stack racks as well.

Tier rack requires the user to stack the racks on the small inserts at the top of the four columns, which is difficult for a forklift operator to align. The advantage of the nestainers is that the user has the entire length of the brace going from the front columns to the back columns to secure the stack. This is going to ensure a sturdier rack system as a whole as well.

Both tier style and nestainer stack racks are great for bulky, un-stackable items. If you have an awkward sized product that does not store well, stack racks from American Surplus could be the solution for you!