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Used High Speed Doors

High-speed doors are designed for heavy traffic areas, meant to close, and seal rapidly for protection against the elements, dust, and dirt. High-performance doors help to improve the security by keeping non-authorized personnel out of certain areas in your facility. Airflow prevention will help to protect products from getting damaged by dust and airborne debris. These high-speed doors will help increase productivity and are easy to clean and maintain. Dock doors help lower energy costs in temperature-controlled environments such as a heated office area, or a walk-in refrigerator. An alternative to strip curtains, ASI’s used high-speed doors are electronically powered and can be set to different opening and closing speeds. All our used high-speed doors are tested and inspected by our trained staff and are in great working condition.

Used Rytec High Speed Door- 12' H
Used Rytec High Speed Door- 12' H
  • 10' Wide
  • 12' High
  • Ships Nationwide

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High-speed doors are considered high performance doors by the Door and Access Systems Manufacturing Association (DASMA). For a door to be considered high performance it must be powered, non-residential, and either high-cycle (100 cycles/day minimum) or medium-speed (20 inches/second minimum). Other requirements in North America are that the door must meet two of the following three conditions: made to order for exact size, able to withstand impact, or designed to handle heavy usage with little maintenance.

High speed doors are popular in several different industries where heavy traffic of product occurs and climate conditions must be maintained. In the food and beverage industry, high-speed doors cut down products' exposure to the open air, which reduces the risk of airborne contamination. In this application, doors are typically made of stainless steel or other composite materials that will not corrode.

High-speed doors will increase efficiency by reducing waiting times and accelerating processes. They also reduce energy consumption by reducing a climate-controlled environment’s exposure to outside air. ASI has a large inventory of different used high-speed doors in stock. Do not hesitate to contact our professional sales staff who will work with you to choose the right used high-speed door for your specific material handling needs.


Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of high speed doors. American Surplus also has a selection of air curtains and a full array of dock equipment to help your warehouse or material handling facility operate safely and efficiently.