Mezzanine Installations

Are you thinking about expanding or adding additional square footage in your warehouse?

Mezzanines and Work Platforms can be used to utilize vertical space above and around existing impediments or layouts by adding elevated floors or platforms to offer leverage to your existing space for offices, production equipment, manufacturing process, and storage areas, just to name a few.

But don’t take the risk yourself. Mezzanines must be constructed to meet local and state rules and regulations. There are also OSHA codes as well as seismic building requirements that apply. Each state, city, and municipality have varying rules concerning stairways, railings, and the floor-type (such as wood, perforated metal, or metal grid) that can or cannot be used.

As Built Example
Wood Over Corrugated B-Deck Install

ASI can provide installation of your quality used steel mezzanine from start to finish. We arrange everything from permit for your mezzanine to installation. Full insurance is provided by qualified nationwide contractors who can install your mezzanine in hours or days.

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